The Bottomline To Change

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The other day I had a client booking with a client who wanted to know Personal Branding Strategies. So in order to accommodate her request, I suggested having a Personal Brand Audit.

She agreed.

So I viewed her social media channels, the content she had posted, her website and her online presence. And once that was done — I gave her my thoughts, pointers & suggestions.

After listening to it for nearly 35 minutes — taking down notes, she finally blurted out — “All this is generic stuff. I didn’t pay you to listen to what I already know. Can you give me something different?”

So I asked her, “If you know what you are doing is wrong and if what you are posting is harming you and how your are positioning yourself online is doing more harm than good — why exactly aren’t you changing it?”

To which she responded, “I really don’t know……that is why I decided to book your service.”

Moral of the Story:
Right now I am 100% you know what you are doing wrong, what you should be doing and what you are not doing. The reason we choose not to do it is because we seek avenues to pass on the buck of Personal Responsibility.
Take personal responsibility & take charge of your life.
And this is the bottomline to change.

Loy Machedo

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