The 3 Different Morning / Productivity Routines I Have Experimented With

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Many people have many kinds of routines.
Some have morning routines, some others have productivity routines, some of them have study or workout based routines and then there are people who are slaves to corporate routines.

In my case, given that I have total freedom & time to do whatever it is I like — I have constantly changed & experimented with various routines to find out its impact on my life.

Given that I am constantly evolving and changing as a person, I do not believe a person should only one single routine for the rest of his life. It may work for some people but I personally find it very boring. And given that I have ADHD — I always seek new routines & productivity hacks.

So here are 3 routines I have experimented in the past 2 years.
Check them out and see if you can pick up anything worthwhile.


Routine #1 — Work-O-Holic Obsessed

January 2016 to June 2017

I used this routine when I just started my life in Thailand.
It was a time period of finding what worked for me and what didn’t.
However, what was most important was making building my brand from zero. So that is why, I only focused on building my brand — nothing else.

  • Wake up time was mostly in the afternoon after 12pm
  • Session A
    1st 3 hours — Study or Creative Work
  • 1 Hour Break
  • Session B
    3 Hours of dealing with clients, brand marketing & money making activities
  • Break
  • Session C
    Here I deal with everything else that I wish to focus upon and complete
  • Sleep around 6am or 7am

Pros & Cons of this Routine

  • This routine is great if you have a long term project to complete that is critical. In my case, it was building my life/brand from scratch.
  • The entire agenda is strictly focused on high productivity & work. However, it doesn’t support a balanced life or family lifestyle at all.
  • There is no room or energy for exercise. I put on nearly 30kgs of excess fat during this phase.


Routine #2 —On Time, Every Time!

July 2017 to February 2018

I got into this routine once I decided I wanted to start getting more balanced, especially since I had gotten married. I wanted to focus on my health and at the same time focus more into making money. However, the priority was on Quora.

  • 4am — Wake up
  • Meditation for 15 Minutes
  • Deep Breathing for 15 Minutes
  • Simple Exercise for 15 Minutes
  • Reading for 15 Minutes
  • 3 Hours Slot for A-Level work
    I used it to create content for Quora as that time Quora was my priority to answer 50 questions per day.
  • Break
  • 3 Hours Slot for B-Level work
    Speaking to Clients or Answering Important Emails (Paid)
  • Break
  • 3 Hours Slot for Other work
    This is my Personal Time
  • Dinner + Discussion with Mastermind Group, Plan out for next day & Switch Off Mode begins

Pros & Cons of this Routine

  • I used this routine when I had to focus on building my brand on Quora. This routine is useful if you have a long term goal fixated on getting a particular result. The main focus was Quora, making money & building clients
  • The routine was taxing because it gave little room for growth in any other area.
  • Most of the ‘other activities’ I performed (exercise or reading) which were done in small bits were just to add variety
  • My youtube, my website & my online presence suffered because of this routine as my main focus was only Quora


Routine #3 — Relax, Reinvent, Recreate & Rebrand.

March 2018 onwards

  • Wake up time — 10am onwards
  • Have Coffee while Play Online Games
  • Go for 30 minutes of exercise at 12pm
  • First Meal
  • Focus on A-Level activities (3 hours)
  • Nap of 30 minutes when I feel tired
  • Focus on B-Level activities (2 to 3 hours)
  • Me-Time — I do whatever I like.
    There is no plan. I go with the flow.
  • Sleep around late night (2am or 4am)

Pros & Cons of this Routine

  • I am currently using this routine to get back in health & recharge my physical body. The main focus is getting back in physical shape & also relaxing my mind.
  • Its more laid back. More time is given for creativity, creative work & creation, health, spending time with family & relaxation.
  • Cons?
    Well, its too early to comment at the moment.
    I will have to observe and find out the drawbacks to this lifestyle.

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