The 13-Step Secret Formula How Internet Marketer Fool People

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A Typical Image Used By Internet Marketing Companies…

Consider this video

Scene 1 — The Overpriced Cars
An ordinary guy driving an Expensive Lamborghini or Rolls Royce

Scene 2 — The Branded Items
They show the guy wearing expensive designer clothes & accessories

Scene 3 — The Hot Friends
Then the scene moves to a swimming pool with a bunch of hot scantily clad women

Scene 4 — The Exotic Holiday
Images of scuba diving in the Maldives or Thailand or some exotic location — there always has to be tropical beach, the sun and sand

Scene 5 — The Super Luxurious House
The guy is sitting in an amazing super luxurious Manhattan apartment but with just a laptop — nothing else

(Black & White video format)
Then the statement — I was just like you

Scene 7 — “The Magic Moment”
(HD Color format)
I found these principles that changed me from
- Being in $300,000 debt to the $100,000,000 Business where I am getting $20,000 coming into my bank account every single day even as I sleep

Questions with the following sentences are asked like — Wouldn’t you…..
- Want this kind of a life?
- Work from home?
- Be your own boss
- Have financial freedom
- Enjoy Freedom & Flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime with anyone?

Scene 9 — $19,000 Training — For Free
The training & information I will be sharing with you is what helped me generate my net-worth of $100,000,000 and I paid $19,000 for it. But I will be sharing with you — FOR FREE.
Yes FREE with no extra charge, no credit card details, no payment whatsoever. I just want to share this information with you.
Because…er…. “I want to give back to the world”

Scene 10 — BUT…I need ONLY one thing…
Just give me your email address — that’s all
I will ‘never’ spam you or use your details
(apart from promoting my special offers)

Scene 11 — Ultra Bonus….for the 1st 3 people who sign in…
- 13 hours video footage of training on sales, negotiation & business (worth $25,127)
- How to get 981% more sales close per month (worth $4,598)
- Secret Technique to get 329% more sales (worth $8,651)
- Proven strategy to receive 500% more email responses (worth $5,765)
- PDF on understanding SEO, Social Media, Facebook & Much more (worth $1,980)

So do you want to change your life, transform it & become the new you?
Or are you satisfied being where you are, doing what you are doing?
Ask yourself…

Scene 13 — Call to Action
The Sign-Up now button shines right on your face while you think to yourself — he is giving me all this for free…what do I have to lose?

The person watching the video puts in his email address…..


The internet marketer sitting in his small little room happily ‘hi-fi’s his friend that he was able to collect 17 email addresses today. Now he will ask his video editor to create another video like this so…. He thinks to himself……
“Damn….renting all those expensive toys cars for a video do cost money!”….


Loy Machedo

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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