So Tell Me — Whom Do You Believe?

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This lead to the Gulf War and US & UK along with the support of United Nations, completely destroyed Saddam Hussein and his reign, they put Iraq into total chaos and they ensured that the Oil Rich country was now the puppet of US & UK.

However — not a single WMD was found.
Best part — no one bothered to find out why this was the case, why George Bush & Tony Blair told everyone lies or why US & the UK destroyed Iraq.


Because of this, US made incredible & drastic changes in its policy governing spying on civilians, ensuring the War on Afghanistan & complete authority for US to take whatever action it felt was necessary to protect itself from global terrorist groups.

Funny thing — No one asked or sought answers to the following:

  1. How was it a possible that a group of Islamic rebels living in the mountains with goats and primitive weapons were able to kidnap airplanes and fly them in the most secure, sophisticated and safe place in the world?
  2. How was it that 3 towers — with 2 being the tallest in the world — fell down free-fall and that too, the third one without any attack or damage?
  3. How was it possible that an aircraft whose fuselage is so thin, that if you were to take a medal rod, you can make a dent in its surface — how was it possible that such a thin & fragile vehicle could penetrate the fortress like structure of the pentagon — and that too not have any of its parts visible or discovered?
  4. Why were none of the pieces of evidence of the so called ‘terrorist attack’ made available to the public? There is not a single video footage, not a single piece of debris, not a single witness who could come forward and provide evidence for the claims made.
  5. Why is it none of the thousands of engineers or experts who opinions went contrary to what was told about the two towers — their free fall collapse — why wasn’t it considered?


Everyone knew it was a game.
Everyone knew it was a lie.
Yet, everyone allowed everyone else into it.

One day, the market collapsed.
The normal working class folks were made to suffer.
The rich, the CEO’s & the decision makers — well, were not affected at all by it.


  • Will coke, pepsi, redbull or any of the soft drink companies admit that drinking sugared drinks is bad for health?
  • Will the bread, milk, cereal or any of the food companies tell you the truth of what they put into their processed products?
  • Will supplement companies which make millions out of telling you vague & speculative information — be honest?
  • Will the pharmaceutical companies tell you the truth about their products?
  • Will lawyers, doctors and business men be transparent?
  • In fact, do you expect Google, Facebook or any Social Media company share everything they do with your information — with you?
  • Do you ever see a day where politicians will be genuine?

The fact of the matter is — everyone tells you lies, manipulates the truth and plays around with you and your trust.

So my question to you is simply this — Is there any reason you and I should be honest? Genuine? Truthful? Transparent? Especially when the game and the rules of the game are designed to favor those who tell lies, cheat and steal?

Do you think you can succeed being honest, truthful, genuine & a good person?

I leave this question to you.
And the answer for you to decide.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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