Should I Lie About My Salary During A Job Interview?

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So the interviewer has completed asking you all the important questions and now it comes down to negotiating your salary. So over here he asks you :

So what are you getting at your current company?
And what are you expecting?

And that is where your brain starts working and trying hard to calculate…

  • Should I tell him the truth and risk being offered a lower package?
  • Should I bluff a little bit and maybe get a slightly better offer?
  • Should I exaggerate what I am getting so that he gives me the best package possible?

Given that what is agreed upon can decide how much you earn per hour in this company — it is a very difficult choice, especially given that companies today negotiate the best deal for themselves.

So what do you do?
Tell the truth?
Play around a bit with the truth?
Tell a lie?

The majority may decide to bluff a little bit because telling a lie can prove dangerous. So bluffing a little bit and getting away with it is the safer bet. However, through my experience, I have found that being unapologetically upfront about your existing package — even if it is low will speak volumes about you as a person than if you play around or try to lie.

One thing most of the interviewee’s don’t realize is that you cannot fool the Interviewer. They are there in that position of power & authority because of years of experience & expertise. And assuming that you can just wing it — will spell disaster for you.

Emblazon this on your mind & heart
Reputation once damaged can never be repaired.

So what is the solution?

Not just say the truth.

Say the truth.
State your requirement intelligently.

And by that I mean:

  • State what you want and what you believe you are worth
  • Keep a buffer for negotiation
  • Know the take or leave it amount as well.

Once this is done in a proper, professional and convincing manner:

  • You will either be offered the job
  • You will not

Either way you will be glad that you didn’t have to lie about it the first place.


If you lie once, you would need to lie again and again to cover up that one lie. However, if you tell the truth as it is — no matter how ugly your present reality is — you wouldn’t have to fry your brains to overdrive to remember what lie you stated the first place.

Remember — always tell the truth.
It will make your life so much more easier.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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