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At 2:17pm, I switched off my iMac and decided to take a nap. As soon as I did it, I realized my room was silent. And by silent — I mean dead silent.


It was so silent that I nearly got dizzy.

I looked around.
I saw my bookshelves, the books, the stuff I kept in between the books.
I looked around the room.

It felt strange.
I wondered what happened to everyone.

I slowly got up from my chair, I peeked outside my room — My dogs were sleep, lying down belly up with their tongues hanging out as if someone shot them.

I saw my wife — she too was sleeping on the floor of the house.
That’s where she normally loves to sleep.

I didn’t want to disturb her.
So I quietly walked into the bedroom.

My bedroom was dark and even more silent.
That’s how I like my bedroom to be.
It was really quiet.
I lay on my bed.
The only thought that came to my head was ‘Man, its so quiet…..”

My ears started to hurt.
Its like I started to suffer vertigo.
I looked at my iphone — 2:28pm.
Who knows — maybe 15 minutes nap?
I set the alarm and then I closed my eyes and allowed myself to just experience the silence.
I let myself float into the unknown space…..
I closed my eyes… when suddenly I heard some children scream and shout.
I realized it was my neighbor’s kids playing around.
Then my dogs started to bark.
All of them one by one
Each bark a different tone & style
Then I heard people shouting and calling out to each other
I was irritated.
Couldn’t I just close my eyes and get a nap for a few minutes?
Unable to sleep, I looked at my iPhone.
The time was 2:54pm.

Oh wow….Really?
Didn’t I set the alarm?
I realized I hadn’t.
Wow…. I actually slept for 30 plus minutes & I didn’t even realize it.

I got up.
Felt different.
It felt nice.
For once, I enjoy a moment with no barking, no shouting, no music, no talking, no noise, no interaction, no clicking, no nothing….. Just silence.

And it felt painfully but truly… amazing.

Man, I need to experience this again.
The Shhh……

Loy Machedo

Written by

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