Sh*t Digital Marketers Say Which Works 100% Of The Time!

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This are the cliche crappy statement Internet Marketers use that pea-brained people fall for and yes, subscribe to their newsletter, their course & their Bullsh*t.

Which one do you think you can relate to?

  1. Quit your 9 to 5 job today!
  2. Work independently!
  3. Become your own boss!
  4. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme
  5. I’m just a regular guy like you.
  6. All you have to do is monetize your blog
  7. Sign up for my email marketing course to reserve your slot now
  8. Only 5-seat available. Sign up now!
  9. Sign up now to reserve your seat for my Webinar worth $9,994 dollars!
  10. My session is pre-recorded which will introduce you to my sales funnel where you will be given 3 pre-recorded sessions of 3 hours worth $997 dollars!
  11. One year ago I was broke and living in my parents basement
  12. One year ago I was penniless, broke, without a job and without any friends
  13. I just quit my job and booked a one way ticket to Thailand
  14. Let me show you my office (picture of a palm tree on a beach next to the sea showing my legs)
  15. I read the 4-Hour work week by Timothy Ferris and that changed my life forever
  16. I do not have answers but I have passion
  17. I was penniless but I had a burning desire
  18. I had no idea what to do until I bumped into course “some name” by “someone you never heard of”
  19. I borrowed a little money and I began my journey
  20. If you sign up now, I will offer you a once-in-a-life-time….
  21. I was living off foodstamps
  22. Warren Buffet quoted…
  23. Mark Zuckerberg once said….
  24. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times and so I thought to myself…
  25. If Colonel Sanders received 1,000 rejections, I said to myself….
  26. When the going gets tough….
  27. The Internet has opened up the door way to infinite possibilities
  28. The biggest secret that no one is going to tell you is…
  29. Drop-Shipping is by far the most…
  30. All you have to do is have your own paypal account
  31. You can relax on the beach anywhere
  32. Earn Passive income when you sleep
  33. Enjoy passive income online
  34. What is your Niche
  35. What is your passion
  36. You gotta be hungry
  37. If I can do it, so can you
  38. You can learn how to do this, just sign up to my FREE newsletter
  39. I learnt how to make money through this online course
  40. Just click on the link below
  41. I have made over 6-figures in income the last money
  42. Let me show you my youtube account figures
  43. I made $12,000 in one day
  44. I made $12,000 last month
  45. I made $12,000 in one hour
  46. Take a look at the screenshots of my income report
  47. Build multiple streams of income
  48. Its so cheap to live here
  49. I am so excited to share this video with you
  50. Sign up now and get Exclusive & Private Access to my Billion-Dollar Round Table Facebook Group
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  53. Sign up now and get Exclusive & Private Access to my Billion-Dollar Round Table One-On-One Coaching Session worth $997 Dollars
  54. I want you to succeed that is why I am offering you….
  55. I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and discuss your goals
  56. This is the course I wish someone had told me 20 years ago
  57. Do you want to succeed?
  58. Do you want to achieve the goal of your dreams?
  59. Do you want to achieve your purpose in life?
  60. This is the course I wish someone had told me when I started my journey many years ago
  61. All you need is a laptop
  62. All you need is a wifi
  63. All you need is a Wifi & Laptop
  64. I just published my 1st E-Book
  65. Sign up now and get my E-Book for $97 dollars for FREE
  66. Sign up now and get my E-Course for $997 dollars for FREE
  67. I have become a Millionaire by creating a course on how to help others become a Millionaires
  68. I love my freedom
  69. I just cannot see myself working for someone else
  70. For the 1st 9 customers I am giving a 60-day money back guarantee — No Questions asked
  71. I will give you a 100% money back guarantee full-refund — No Questions asked
  72. Do you know what is SEO? Blogging? Meta Tags? Key-words? CPA? PPC? KPI? CRL? CTR? ROI? Online Strategy? Backlinks? URL links? Bounce Rates? Bouncing Rates? Bouncey Bounce Rates?
  73. All you have to do is check your Dashboard, tweak your Dashboard, smash your dashboard, bash your dashboard, dash your dashboard, board your dash board & dashboard your dashboard
  74. It is so simple, just install this update
  75. Grow your business Organically without using digital fertilizers & virtual manure
  76. Let me give you a FREE website to know you Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Google Crawl, Google Search, Google Trending, Google Url, Google Shortener
  77. Do you know how easy it is to make an E-book and earn millions?
  78. One of my students Apoo Simpson from India made 6-figures last month
  79. One of my students Bill Clinton from Japan made 7-figures last month
  80. One of my students Beyoncee Rihana from USA made 8-figures last month
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  91. Since google released Humming Bird, Penguin, Gorilla & Hippopotamus update, this is what most people do not know
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  93. This is going to viral
  94. Become an Internet Marketer today in 3 easy steps
  95. Become an Affiliate Marketer today in 2 easy steps
  96. Become an Independent Business owner in 1 easy step
  97. I just made one small change and that brought in 17% increased traffic
  98. I just changed the color of my button and that brought in 2,700% more email responses
  99. I just signed up for this free course and that brought in 19,993.4% sales revenue
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