Seriously, Why Do People Keep Upgrading Their Smartphones? Why?

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I remember the first time I saw the iPhone. It looked nice, it was cute, kind of a bit too futuristic. But I felt it was more like a gimmick. Hardly anyone had it. But my phone — it was really something.

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I was proud of my Nokia those days, my incredible compass box phone or the Nokia 9300. I loved this phone and it was a great phone with its mega keyboard, nice screen and good features. It was a phone, with calendar, messenger and well, I could also log on to the internet — though connecting any particular site was another story.

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Slowly, I transitioned to the famous Business phone — The Blackberry. And the blackberry had everything I wanted — it was a phone, it had email services, it has a camera to take pictures for important activities, I could send and receive messages, I could also write messages from time to time. And I was happy with my phone.

Finally, one day when I could no longer ignore it — I decided it was time for me to go in and embrace the Apple Revolution. And soon I became an Apple Fan Boy.

So from the iPhone, I changed my system to the iMac, then I purchased the iPod, the iPod Nano, the iPod Shuffle, the iPad, the iPad Pro — every piece of technology I had began with the letter ‘i’.

And so I was happy.

However, very soon, Steve Jobs had a new iPhone that was better, faster, more improved and yeah had that ‘One More Thing’. So in 2010, I upgraded my iPhone to a new iPhone.

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However, after on 5th October 2011, after Steve Jobs died, I wondered if Apple would survive and if the Apple products that I so loved would have any hope.

However, Tim Cook answered that question 2012 a new iPhone. It was better, faster and had more features. So I decided I would buy it.

Then once again in 2013, Apple announced they were making the iPhone better, faster and with much more new features. I was like…er… okay fine. Maybe it is something new.

Then once again in 2014, Apple announced they were making the iPhones better, faster and with even more new features. And this time, I was like….er….again? Well…okay fine.

Then once again in 2014, Apple announced they were making…well you get the rift….

Then once again in 2016, Apple announced they were making the iPhone better….but this time they announced they were going far ahead with their technological prowess.

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And this time they were getting rid of the ear-phones with a 3.5mm jack with giving the world — the atrocious, overly-priced and ridiculously unacceptable Airpods.

And that is where I started to reflect — what in the world was I doing? Did I seriously need to keep upgrading my Smartphone? In fact, what was so wrong in the existing design?

I looked at my iPhone — the iPhone 6S. It was working fine. Did I seriously need to upgrade it to an iPhone 7? iPhone 7 Plus? where would this stop? When would it end?

In fact, I looked at my iPhone and asked myself — what was I using the iPhone for?

  1. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram

Anything — nope. And the phone was working pretty fine. I didn’t have any problems with it. So then why upgrade it again? For what joy?

Did I need a Face recognition device?
Was I a CIA agent or was my information to dangerously valuable and close to being hacked that I needed Face, Finger & password protection? Did I need DNA analysis as well?

How much more advanced was my iPhone going to be?

As I look around now, I see people absolutely excited about:

  • Apple iPhone 9

So now the question is — where does this end? What would I do with a 4MP camera photograph? Did I need the images to be more clear? With higher resolution? Say 16MP Camera? Did I need a 4HDX video format?

The thing is somewhere along the lines of intelligent progress & advancement versus corporate profits & sales, we have blurred the lines of what is necessary & what is stupidity. And I feel given the way people & corporations are going forward — we are becoming a collective group of fools who follow the sheep mentality.

Seriously, ask yourself, do you really need to upgrade your phone? Do you need face recognition, 16MP camera, 4HD video resolution and some other gimmick on your handheld device? Do you really need all this nonsense? Or are you just doing it because you are following the herd?

I find it so ridiculous when someone purchases their smartphone and finds it necessary to parade it on Social Media as if its a matter of pride. And if that is not stupid enough — we have human being who literally camp outside an Apple store for days — I seriously mean it — for day JUST TO PURCHASE A SMART PHONE!!! Something I had addressed in my previous video…..

I know there will come a time where people will stop doing this however, until then I need to see how long do people continue with this nonsense, how long companies keep trying to fool people and how long before just like Nokia, Apple, Samsung, LG, Huawei, HTC and Sony dig their own graves, endure losses and eventually become another marked grave in the cemetery of once-upon-a-time great brands.

Please, stop being an idiot and upgrading your smartphones. There is nothing new, nothing better and yes, nothing smart about it. I guess, it is time we stand together and finally agree — hmmmm…maybe I need to use my brains and agree — the Emperor truly has no clothes on.

Loy Machedo

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