Self-Improvement — The Orgasmic High Of The Deluded ‘I’m-Feeling-Good’ Masses

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Have you been one of those individuals who waits for yet another Self-Improvement book or a CEO interview or thought-provoking youtube video to come out — only to absorb it second by second, word by word and piece by piece until you literally memorize it?

Are you that person who is absolutely curious about what makes an individual successful, achieve peak performance or apply new technique to help them achieve their goals?

Do you identify yourself as a “Hack Addict” — a person who constantly searches for a Productivity hack, Study hack, Time management hack, Money generation hack or Secret hack just to up your game or to ensure you are at your competitive edge?

Then my dear — you are a Self-Improvement Orgasm Addict. And let me be the first one to admit — I am one myself.

So what’s the problem with being a “Self-Improvement Orgasm Addict?”

Let me give you my specific example:

  • Remember when Tim Ferriss came out with The 4-Hour Body?
    I was the among the eager ones to grab a copy immediately.
  • Remember when Tim Ferris came out with his next best seller — The 4-Hour Workweek?
    Once again — I was the 1st in line to buy it.
  • Remember The 4-Hour Chef?
    Even though I knew 100% I wouldn’t read or apply most of the principles in the book — I still purchased it.
  • Then remember the famous “Tools of Titans” — which was supposed to be the ‘secret-secrets’ of the Legends?
    Once again — I was among the many who preordered it.
  • Finally — Remember the ‘Tribe of Mentors’ which was according to Tim Ferriss himself the book he wish someone had given to him when he was young?
    I pre-ordered it.

Now I have these and many other books lying in my shelf.
I have read a few of them (I buy more than I can possibly read). Along with these books, I also have CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s, seminars, educational tapes, educational programs & online courses. On top of all this — I also subscribe to various youtube channels & podcasts.

So now what exactly is the problem here?

Over here — let me reverse the question to you…..

Have you read any

  • Self-improvement book?
  • Dieting book?
  • Time management book?
  • Business book?
  • Book on Success?
  • An interview of someone you admired?

How many such books did you read?

Now — here is the BIG QUESTION…..

  • What SPECIFICALLY that you read, have you applied to your life PERMANENTLY and now follow RELIGIOUSLY?
  • Is there any Productivity Hack? Success Hack? Self-Improvement Hack? or any other Hackable Hack that you have made a PERMANENT ADDITION to your life?

If my assumption is right — whatever new hack or technique or strategy you read or heard about — you used it for a few days, weeks or months and finally discontinued it eventually.

Do you see the problem I am hinting at?


Well, then let me spell it out for you.

Its like having someone who is alcoholic or addicted to drugs. And this person seeks out a solution. The solution without a doubt works i.e. stop consuming alcohol or drugs. However what the person does is — stop the vice or bad habit and then go back to the bad habit.

Once again stop the bad habit.
And then go back to it again.

And then once again stop the bad habit.
And then go back to it again.

And you can go on this way ad infinitum.

I’m pretty sure you do not see any problem here.
You would respond stating “At least he is doing something instead of doing nothing?


Lets try this…

Replace this example with someone who is your employee or someone who owes you money or someone whom you are in a relationship with.

They promise you something.
Then they go back on their word.
Then they promise you to change again.
Then they go back on their word.
And this process goes on and on and on.

Is there a point where you reach your wits end and say “Enough is enough”?

This is the exact problem I am trying to highlight here.

You can go on and on fooling yourself that the person you love and care about….

  • will change,
  • will improve,
  • will not hurt you
  • will return the money they owe you
  • will stop hurting you
  • will stick to their word?

Isn’t there a threshold to

  • the lack of human character?
  • the lack of substance?
  • lack of personal integrity?

There comes a point where one should be realistic, practical & hold their ground where they say ‘Enough is Enough’. Because if there is no such clear, cut boundary — then it borders to being delusional.


Over the 15 years of being in the Self-Improvement both as a die-hard student and today to being an Expert in Personal Branding where I have dealt with hundreds of enthusiasts — I have realized that the thrill of seeking ‘Self-Improvement’, implementing new & improved ‘hacks’ and deluding one-self that reading new tips, tricks & strategies actually makes you a ‘better person’ — is nothing short of a temporary orgasm.

Yes, it feels like a billion dollars.

Yes, it gives you an experience you cannot describe in words.

Yes, it is something you would absolutely seek once a while and frequently.

But apart from giving you a temporary high, which lasts a few seconds and makes you feel good for a few minutes — it does nothing else.

  • You remain the same.
  • Your situation remains the exactly how you left it
  • Your life remains practically unchanged.

So what is the point of going through the whole experience?
In fact — the bigger question is — then what is the solution?
Should a person totally stop reading books, listening to podcasts & watching youtube videos? And if so — what should be done in place of this?

I have come to realize that in the end, we must ask yourselves one very important question — Why are we doing this?


And even before we answer the question with some vague nonsense like “to be a better human being” or “to have an educated mind” — I challenge you to find out the root of this answer — the tangible, measurable and realistic reason.

If you ask me — the reason (Which I found out many many many years later or rather a few months ago) — the reason I read book, listen to podcasts & watch videos — is not just to ‘feel good’ or ‘become a better human being’ or ‘gain more knowledge’. But rather to make money. Big Fucking Money — which in turn would give me freedom, allow me the luxuries of life and permit me to provide for my family the best money can offer. Because in the end — what is the point of being so incredibly knowledgable — but being penniless? Wouldn’t it be nice to be rich?

And in case you are planning to argue and debate with me on this point…. Ask yourself this…

What would you prefer?

  • USD $100,000,000 — cold, hard cash which you can spend in your bank account right now?
  • USD $100,000,000 worth of self-improvement content which you can access to improve but not cash upon?

The answer proves my point.

I think its high time we stop BS practice of reading, learning & researching for the sake of ‘assuming’ that we are improving ourselves. Because in the end — it is nothing but an Orgasm — feels good as long as it lasts…..but then — its back to the daily grind.

Loy Machedo

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