Rise of the Keyboard Warriors

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I want you to read these 5 statements

  • “Ya Motherf***er wait till Bitcoin crashes, then bring your sorry ass to me and talk”
  • Jeff Bezos was just a lucky bitch to get so rich. Mark my words, in another few years Amazon will face problems.
  • Why are you men so f**ked up?
  • I’m looking for a mature man who can handle me. But today men don’t even know how to satisfy a woman in bed.
  • (addressing me) Yo dog! What’s the easiest way to make a woman orgasm?

Now they sound very tough, rough and aggressive right? These are statements which I pulled out from my whatsapp groups.

Now you may say, well, its normal to have such messages.
I agree.
It is normal to have such messages.

However, what if I told you that these messages were exchanged by a whatsapp group filled with youngsters from the age group of 11 to 19 years old — would you be surprised?

Yes folks, these were the messages exchanged by youngsters whose age group was from 11 to 19 years old. In fact, I regularly get to see & read such messages on a daily basis which makes me seriously wonder — what is our today’s generation moving towards? I mean, I remember my childhood days where me and the boys would act tough — but like this? That too when communicating with people older than them in age and experience?

Personally, I find this trend rather disturbing.

In fact, it is not uncommon for me to get messages from kids, who under normal circumstances would not even have the courage to stand in front of me, let alone talk, but online they start off with something like “Yo bro, wanted to know what the fuck you were doing?” — to which I very appropriately put them in their place.

And how do I do that?

Block & Delete.
I seriously do not have time for wanna-be-online-Hulksters, who in real life have a courage IQ that of a rat and the common sense of a house fly.

The problem is these virtual walls of anonymity & safety have given rise to a new breed of super-arrogant, super-ignorant & super-irresponsible youngsters who have been encouraged by their parents, pumped by their peers and falsely guided by their ‘idiot friends’ to continue being stupid.

Now the point can be made as to ‘these are just kids’ and ‘kids will behave like kids’. But have you thought about it that ‘today’s kids’ will be tomorrows adults? Have you ever thought what will happen tomorrow when their integrity is put to the test? Wouldn’t the same pattern repeat itself? The “I can get away with shit & fuck them all” attitude?

I think its paramount for today’s generation to be held accountable for their thoughts & actions, what they do both online & offline especially when people are not looking because these episodes and moments will form part of their character.

Now I am pretty sure you and I cannot do anything other than opt for the following 3 solutions:

  1. argue with them — which is absolutely futile,
  2. communicate to them and correct them — which I believe is as effective as speaking to your refrigerator and expecting it to react or
  3. block & delete them off permanently.

Now when dealing with such kids, I do the following:

  • I tell them once.
  • If they fail to listen, I tell them again.
  • Third time — block & delete.

Given that I am an influencer and have many followers, the majority of these kids listen to me at least. But for those who do not, I know for a fact, I am wasting my time and hence, I block and delete them permanently and leave them to their own fate.

As I sit and type these thoughts out, I reflect on the 11 whatsapp & facebook groups that I have which houses over 200,000 profiles. I hardly know 6 to 7 people in all these groups because I am so into my own world.

But, I am truly disturbed by how this generation is moving forward.

The online landscape, the Social Media horizon and the limitless universe of the internet will give rise to new challenges and problems which our next generation will face. And given that now I am on the verge of being a Father, I know this will be my problem also.

Yes, it does feel nice to feel powerful, incredible & invincible online. But more feeling like a Super Hero online, our generation needs to realize that once you are disconnected from the virtual world, it is the real world that will call the shots. And that is where you and I will have to survive. Or die.

Loy Machedo

Written by

ABOUT ME: Google My Name | SERVICES: ThinkPersonalBranding.Com | EMAIL: loy@loymachedo.com | WHATSAPP: +66–92–541–4784

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