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When purchasing an Amazon product, we check the recommendations left by the buyers to help us make the right decision.

When going on a holiday, we check websites that offer first hand confessions from previous holiday makers on the hotels, the trips, the packages and the experiences they have had — including the do’s & don’ts they suggest.

When making an important decision — we always ask others for their opinion — be it a purchase, take on a relationship or a even for a eat-out session.

So then, don’t you think having recommendations from reliable references on your resume will make a world of difference to your business document?

This is without a doubt the most simple, basic and underused option on a Resume.

So what is the format?

“the few lines of recommendations”
Name of the Person
Designation & The Company Name
Contact Number & Email

Some Do’s & Don’ts while using this strategy

  • The more famous, the more powerful and more credible the source, the stronger the weightage.
  • If you do not know anyone well known or powerful, you can always use people who know you or who have known you for years
  • Keep the recommendation short, sweet & succinct
  • Let the recommendation be relevant to the objective of the Resume. i.e. it should answer the question ‘Why should any employer employ this candidate”
  • Keep the recommendations in the range of 3 to 10.

So here is yet another strategy while job hunting.

Try doing it.
What have you to lose?

After all why do you think I have over 500 recommendations on my business page & linkedin?

Loy Machedo

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