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  1. Life is simple. We love to complicate it.
  2. Most of the time we give ourselves justifiable reasons to feel good about whatever we choose.
  3. If you think you are stupid, you are right. If you think you are smart, you are right.
  4. Want to make life better? Take complete and total responsibility for it.
  5. If someone loves you, the person will give you all the reasons to be with you. But if they are not in love with you, they will give you all the justifiable excuses in the world NOT to be with you.
  6. Never argue with your Parents, with religious folks, with people in a group, with those more successful than you and yes — your spouse. Especially if it’s your wife. You will never succeed.
  7. You want to know who your friends really are? Let them know you lost your job and now are going through tough times. And then ask them for money and let them know you will not return it back to them. You will come to know who you true friends are.
  8. There are many people in this who don’t have a goal or vision or dream in life. But are very happy. So why exactly do you need a dream or goal in life?
  9. The right answer to the wrong question is always going to end up as a disaster for you. Be careful of asking the wrong questions. Seek to ask the right questions always. And if you do not know the answer to this question — then this is the question you should be obsessed with.
  10. Impossible is Nothing. Nothing is Impossible. Sounds nice. Motivating. Until you start trying to lose weight, a bad habit or having a healthy bank balance. Sometimes its important to be practical. Realistic. Truthful.

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