Personal Musings on a Professional Life

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  1. To succeed in life, its not WHAT you know, its WHO you know.
  2. Your success depends on how much your immediate boss likes you.
  3. How you perceive yourself is how others will view you, judge you, understand you and express to you.
  4. People assume whatever happens to you, happens to you for a good reason. Wrong. WHAT YOU DO AFTER IT HAPPENS and BASED ON THE RESULTS YOU ACHIEVE will determine if whatever happens happens for a good reason or bad reason.
  5. Rules & Regulations, Right & Wrong, Good & Bad are always subjective. If you believe in something strongly and it is wrong — go to some place or country where your wrong becomes right.
  6. Even if you put a cute dress on a snake — a snake remains a snake.
    Remember this when dealing with human beings.
  7. If you are too successful, even your best friend, your relative or the person you trust the most — will end up hating you. Why? Envy & Jealousy are dangerous temptations that enter people’s lives without warning.
  8. Starting something new is not the big deal. Finishing the project is. And the bigger deal is doing just finishing it. But finishing it amazingly well.
  9. Drive to slow and the vehicle driving faster behind you may smash into you. Drive too fast and you may lose control and smash into someone else. Drive smart and you will survive. Do the same with life
  10. There were many on Quora who got 100,000 likes more than me. Some even had 10 times more followers than I had. But I made more money per hour than them. Guess what mattered to me? Find out what you worry about, show off or give importance to — it is what really matters?

Loy Machedo

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