Personal Branding Tip: What Is Your Unique ‘X’?

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To stand out as a Personal Brand, you need to have a Unique ‘x’ in everything you do, say, communicate & share. And it must be consistent across the board.

For example:

Some people like to sport on a very unique set of reading glasses (blue, yellow, purple or orange) on their face to enhance their image to look unique.

Some others wear rather non-confirming colors to stand out. I have met men who wear pink, light blue, yellow & green as a part of their branding. while I have seen women who sport a dark-gothic color combination to stand out.

And then there are those who have a slogan or phrase that they keep repeating in every video, every podcast or every interaction. This defines who they are and trains their target audience to subscribe to their message.

So what is your Unique X where your Personal Brand is concerned and how does that blend into your Personal Brand Essence?

Once you figure this out — it will become your unique signature.
Your Brand ‘X’

Loy Machedo

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