Personal Branding: How Did I Find My Niche?

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When I started off 7 years ago — I had no money, no experience as a consultant, no track record, nothing to show.

All I had was just some skill in talking, some training in sales, public speaking and events. I had absolutely no idea what I could offer or what people wanted.

So what I started to do was:
1) Start offering people what I knew best — Public Speaking (as I had won over 800 awards over the past 30 years)
2) Go for various other trainings to see what was the market offering.

As I started to offer these services, I realized the following:
- No one was interested in public speaking
- Those who were didn’t pay a lot of money
- The trainings people offered was a mishmash of different courses others offered — in fact everyone started to sound more or less the same.

Finally, I got fed up and then started to ask people what would they be willing to pay money for i.e. what kind of training did they want if I could give them any training (for free)?

People started to come up with various ideas and I kept experimenting to see if those requirements were feasible both to me and the market at large. Soon — the skill I was most known for (Public Speaking) was no longer a service I offered.


No one was paying me anything sustainable for it.

And as my career started to gain shape through trial and error I kept those training modules that helped me earn the maximum money + generated the greatest profit + I was passionate and enjoyed doing + which offered the clients the maximum value.

So if I were to encapsulate in a nutshell, I would say:

  • Focus on a balance of what you enjoy + what the market needs + what the market is willing to pay money + what is unique to you.
  • Remember — it makes no sense if you offer a skill or service but no one wants it or if hardly anyone is willing to pay money for it. End of the day, we are in the industry to earn money and earn a livelihood.
  • I am constantly keeping a bird’s eye view to keep in check the numbers of what I earn on the modules I offer. Given the fact that we live in a fast changing & dynamic world — what is in heavy demand can become a fad tomorrow. So its always necessary to change, evolve and grow.

Hope this helps

Loy Machedo

Written by

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