My Response To A Brave Young “KeyBoard” Warrior

This is what youtube user ‘Vamshi Krishna’ stated

One friend of mine who streams pubg game on YouTube has more than 10 lakh subscribers …and you with lots of books and content has not crossed at least 1lakh subscribers…grow up man ..this universe doesn’t give a shit about your content …change your poop

This was my response to him

Dear kiddo,

Let me wake you up to the real world

You said “One friend of mine’

You never spoke about you.

The reason being, you do not have anything worthwhile to show or state about your achievements. Your courage & confidence is dependent on the achievements of others. Just as you spoke about “one friend of mine”, your courage comes from the sacrifices your mother makes and the income your father earns.

Had you anything worthwhile to speak about you wouldn’t talk about others. In fact, if you had something to do, you wouldn’t even have the time to comment on someone else’s youtube channel. How many channels do you think I spend commenting on?

I don’t have the time.


Because I am busy earning money.

Good money.

And money that supports me, my family, my life & my dreams.

If you had something worthwhile to do, you wouldn’t be focusing on the limitations of others.

And lastly, let me wake you up to the reality of life.

Life is more than likes, views, comments, a social media presence & being viral. Most of my clients who earn 7 to 8 figure income do not even have a single account on any social media platform.


Because they do not need social validation. And they sure as hell do not have time to focus on others — which something you have plenty of time of.

So grow up kiddo.

Focus on yourself and what you can achieve.

Maybe then next time you wouldn’t have to hide behind the achievements of others by boldly proclaiming “One friend of mine”. Rather you would have the integrity to talk about what you have done in life.

Check mate kiddo.


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