My Personal Thoughts On School Education

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  1. The cleverest, smartest & most accomplished in school seldom make it to the top the real world
  2. Want to become a school topper? Improve your memory. Because exams are all about those who have good memory skills. Period.
  3. Schools evaluate you based on your Memorization skills.
  4. Schools tests are like evaluating the value all the animals in the world with their ability to fly. They evaluate you based on a standard test and brand you for life.
  5. School teachers earn as much as a cleaning supervisor or garbage collector team supervisor would earn. In fact some teachers earn less than taxi-drivers. Imagine — these are the people who will shape the future of our children.
  6. We have no idea what will happen in the next 12 months. But we teach and train our children to prepare themselves for the next 20 years of their life. And then survive the next 30 years of their life with this same outdated education which hasn’t changed since 100 years.
  7. I still have no idea what does memorizing when Akbar conquered India or what the chemical composition of Sulphuric Acid have on my work place. The last I asked manager about this — he threw me out of the office.
  8. If grades are so important, why is it no employer asks me how many marks I scored in my exams when I apply for a job?
  9. If grades are so important, why is it my grades are not considered when I request for a promotion?
  10. Why should we memorize facts taught in schools when we can google them?

Loy Machedo

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