My Morning Ritual For 2018

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Every month, I evaluate what I did the month before and figure out ways and means of improving my productivity. And one of the most important means to do this is tweaking my Morning Routine. Given that 2017, I successful follow a morning routine that helped me not only make money but also improve my productivity, this year, I decided to experiment with a new, improved and better Morning Routine.

Read it and let me know what you think.

    Immediately upon waking up (Whatever time that is), I lie down on my bed and give myself 10 minutes of reflective meditation.When meditating, I listen to relaxing tunes from the CALM app on my iphone.
    After that I spend 10 minutes breathing in and out deeply through my mouth (I tried doing this through the nose, I find this better). While sucking air in, I pucker my lips as if sucking through a straw and it would be hard. But while exhaling, I would open my mouth and exhale fast.
    I take up any 3 to 4 exercises of my choice and doing 1 to 2 sets until the point I feel tired. But I make sure I do 10 minutes of this activity.
    As this is happening (the exercise), I put on my favorite youtube channels and watch news updates or listen to some educational program so I am able to multi-task during this activity
    Once the workout is done with, I go and spend time under an ice-cold shower and imagine how my day would go. As I am showering, I also ensure I stretch my body and imagine it to be a stretching session. Oh by the way — the youtube channel and the updates are still on.
    I have an extra strong espresso & some protein as I start my day. I sit in front of my iMac as I continue watching an educational program for the next 10 minutes.

Once that is one — well, I am ready to start my day at full speed ahead.

So this is how my morning routine is.

Loy Machedo

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