My Loyal Fan: “Man, You Are A Has-Been”

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Imagine meeting a total stranger on the streets who showers you with praise stating “Bro, I’m a big fan of yours. Your work is amazing!”

How does it feel?

Great, I’m sure.

Now imagine, meeting the same stranger down the road a few months later and he tells you “Man, don’t mind me saying this, but you have lost your magic. You are boring. In fact, I don’t mean to be rude but you are a has-been.”

How does that feel?

Not so great, I’m sure.

Well, this is the feedback I have been receiving lately — that I suck.

In fact, I started to receive so much of this feedback, I finally picked up my phone and called Yoda or My Mentor. After I shared my concerns, he kept silent…. and then asked me “What do you think?”

I hate when he does that.

When he asks me for my personal opinion instead of seeking someone else’s validation.

And he knows, I hate that.
But he still does it.

So I kept quiet.

Thought about it.

And then told him…

So being my pain-in-the-ass mentor, once again he asked me,
“What do you think?”

Thinking that he didn’t hear it the first time, I responded once again…..

He repeated the question AGAIN
“What do you think?”

This time I got irritated because I knew what he was doing
So I responded
“Alright fine, I suck! Alright? Happy?”

He laughed a bit to himself.
I could hear that silent chuckle.

I was then waiting for his words of wisdom..
And then he said it….
“Alright, take care.”


I was like
“What? Aren’t you…..I mean… aren’t you going to tell me something?”

He responded

“Er….Aren’t your supposed to?”

“I’m supposed to do what? Advice you?”

“Er….yeah…you are my mentor right?”

“Yeah….I’m your mentor so that is why I am NOT advising you”

“huh? What’s that all about? Aren’t you supposed to be advising me?”

“No, I am not supposed to be doing anything…..
YOU are supposed to be doing everything.
Not me.
YOU are supposed to take Personal Responsibility of your life
YOU are supposed to know where you stand
YOU are supposed to know who you are and what you do
Not anyone else.

I kept silent.
He said goodbye
And I sat down silently in my room.

The deafening silence.

I realized a painful truth
The very fact that I thought about the statement was proof enough that I had become boring, that I had become predictable and that I had become a ‘has-been’.
And proof of that was…
The statement was deeply etched in my head and heart.
Had it not been reality — it wouldn’t have resonated with me.

I had become complacent.
I had become predictable.
I had become a ‘has-been’

But it was what I “HAD” done.
Not my present.
And not my future.

I could still change — if I wanted to.

I just typed on youtube “Loy Machedo 2011 Suicide Video”
I looked at myself talking into the Camera
When I had nothing and was a nobody.
I reflected on how I moved from being on the Streets
To speaking at TEDx Dubai.
I remembered how I was featured from being unknown
To being featured on Coca-Cola’s viral youtube advertisement.
And finally, I reminded myself how I built my brand from zero
To what I had become today.

I was the same person in 2011
I am the same person in 2018
Nothing has changed — except the results.

So if I am not happy with the results
I need to do something different right?
How difficult is that?

Time for The Personal Branding Strategist
To start focusing on Rebranding his own Brand.

Sometimes its nice to reminded that “You Suck”
It just awakens the sleeping giant from within.

Sometimes its nice to be reminded of your failures.
It ensures you remain grounded.

Sometimes its nice to be told “You are a Has Been”
It just pisses me off.

Like Bruce Banner said, “I’m Always Angry”
Its time to bring the Anger, Focus, Rage, Intensity & Obsession back.


Loy Machedo

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