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When I was a small boy, my parents constantly told me, “Money wasn’t everything. God was everything.”
Yet my mother and step-father spend the majority of their day, 6 days a week, month after month, year after year working, and trying to earn money.

The Church I went to pray to, the Priest, the Clergy, the Catechists and all the Church members told me, “Money is not everything.”
Yet every single person would pray “Give us this day our daily bread.”
I would hear people pray for a better job, better salary, better promotion, better life and everything else to make their lives ‘financially’ better.
Oh and the best part — the Priest would request us to ‘dig deep for Jesus’ and contribute ‘MONEY’ for Jesus & spreading the word.

Even as a small kid, I wondered, ‘Jesus could do everything on this planet — from heal the sick to stop floods to part the red sea but….he couldn’t generate money for himself?’. I wondered then how would he help us make money?

Then as I grew bigger, I got into the world of falling in love, getting girl-friends, making wonderful plans to get married and live ‘happily every after’ (you know the overly romantic plans you make when you are in your 20's?), the girl would let me know that she loves me, she only wanted me for ‘me’ and nothing else….however, when someone better than me arrived with a bigger car, better group of friends and yes, good ‘money’ wallet, I was always let go.

As I grew up, I saw how the entire corporate world was engaged, enamored & engulfed with only those who had money, power & success — the most important being ‘money’.

If a Billionaire wrote a book on “how I became rich” or “principles of success” — that book would fly off the shelves.

If a new investment portfolio was revealed which would give you 100% ROI and more, it would sell like hot cakes.

If a super rich person came to meet you or wanted to do business with you, anyone and everyone would be ready and wanting to do business with him.

If a super rich celebrity or CEO like Jack Ma or Jeff Bezos spoke at a conference, everyone listened to what he had to say because after all he was a ‘visionary’ and a ‘successful leader’.

I looked all around me and saw how money played such an important role in the lives of everyone and every single thing. Relationships were formed and broken, lives were made and destroyed, decisions about the future were made in the present — just because of money.

In fact, even a child’s life, the decision the child would take and what the child would do next — were all decided by this one single commodity “Money”.

However, when I asked anyone — Is money everything?, almost immediately people would look at me as if there was something seriously wrong with me and all together in one voice would exclaim — NO! Money IS NOT EVERYTHING.

I seriously cannot understand….

  1. If you spend your whole day running behind money
  2. If your choices in life are governed by money
  3. If what you do or choose not to do is governed by money
  4. If your options in life are decided by the money you have
  5. If the quality of life and what you can buy or cannot buy is decided by money
  6. If you decide your child’s life, their education, their future — everything based on the money you have
  7. And if your health, your retirement and your final days are directly linked to the money you have


I don’t buddy…. either something is wrong with me or something is wrong with the world around me.

Its like someone who drinks alcohol 24/7, thinks about it 24/7 and can’t stay with out it 24/7 — doesn’t call himself an Alcoholic.

I seriously wonder what then do you call him?

I would like to call a spade — A spade and would like to start the process of realization & change by being the first to admit “MONEY IS EVERYTHING”.

Oh….and I love making it my everything.
After all, doesn’t hurt to have USD $100,000,000 in the bank now does it?

Loy Machedo

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