Mental Break Down? Creative Burnout? Try This.

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Imagine you make a living writing creative articles, posting creative videos, answering questions in a creative fashion & posting creative updates on Social Media.

You do this 8 to 12 hours every single day, you do this effortlessly and you also make good money in the process…….And then one fine day, you wake up and realize — nothing’s happening.

You sit at your workstation and realize — nothing’s happening.
You are unable to churn out anything.
And by ‘churn out anything’ — I mean you are unable to come up with a single decent post, or a video, and not even a single Facebook update.

You are simply unable to do anything productive.

So then you try different things to see if you can solve your problem.
You have a shower — nothing happens.
You have a strong cup of coffee — still nothing.
You go for a walk — still nothing.
You take a nap — still nothing.
You force yourself to get creative — nothing.

Its like what the hell just happened?
Did you just lose all your skills, your talent and your experience some unknown place?

Its more like having a superpower and now all of a sudden, someone took it away from you. And now you are paralyzed for life.

This ever happen to you?

Well, this happened to me in the beginning of April, this month.

And the scary bit was — this lasted for 3 whole days.

I kept trying to fight it — I just wasn’t able to succeed.

In my world — if I do not put out creative content for 24 to 48 hours —it really bad for an online Brand or Business. To give you an idea — imagine you are running a Newspaper and you do not come out with any news for 3 days — what do you think will happen?

On top of that, I hate not being able to give value & output to the 300,000 fans, followers and friends of mine who follow me online for a purpose — to read, to listen and to think about the new content I share with them. In short, I love my job and I hate not being able to be productive!

However, after grunting, suffocating, struggling and doing my best to fight this feeling — I finally decided — I would do the unthinkable….. I would surrender to this feeling.


I would surrender to this feeling and do Nothing.


Since my body and mind was responding with NOTHING and I felt like doing NOTHING and NOTHING was the output — I decided to go with the flow and do NOTHING.

And so for the next 2 weeks — I seriously did nothing other than go with the flow….. and do NO WORK!

Can you imagine that?
Mr. Super Productive… doing NOTHING and wasting the MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE…..Time?

Well — news flash — that’s exactly what I did.
Absolutely NOTHING productive.

I just watched movies, documentaries, played online games, went for walks, shopping, played with dogs, spent time with my wifey, and yeah — I took long naps.

I didn’t bother how long it would take me to get back.
I just gave myself a holiday.
Whenever the thought started to bother me about when I would get back or how long would it take for me to get back…..I just didn’t think about it. Although the truth was the thought of the number of days of me not being productive kept crossing my mind.

I made up my mind and just decided to ignore it.

Days just passed by…..
In fact, even my wifey got worried about me.
But I let her know, everything was under-control.
My logic was my body & mind just needed time to be left alone & switch off. And when it was ready — it would snap back into its original self.

So I just let go.

One fine day, as I woke up in the morning, I just felt this sudden urge to post a video online. I went into my room, switched on my Camera and then…..nothing happened.

I didn’t think much about it.
I just let it be.

The next day, I felt this drive again.
So I went into my room, switched on my studio for the recording session…and once again tried posting a video. After 7 takes, I managed to come up with a ‘not-so-great’ video.

I was a bit disturbed.

It felt as if I was a baby learning how to walk and I didn’t know how to walk. Felt more like I was an amateur — someone who was doing this work for the first time.

I was upset but I didn’t allow it to bother me.
I just let it be.

The following day after I woke up, I kind of felt different.
It felt more like being “in the zone”.
Once again I got up, sat in my office, switched on my recording studio….But this time round, I was able to create 10 absolutely perfect videos — one after another after another…..

It felt like what Arnie would have said…..I’M BACK!!!

Since that day — I have gotten my Mojo back and I am back in action.

Sometimes I feel our body and our mind tries to communicate to us that it needs some time off, that it needs rest, that is needs to switch off. And when we do not listen to it and try to force it — it just doesn’t respond.

Its like forcing a horse to move by pushing it from the rear.
Don’t work.

In fact, you end up getting violently kicked by the beast!

So where it concerns the human body & mind — the best solution is to let go and listen to the body/mind speak.

This is what I did.
And even though it took me nearly 14 days, I knew I had to switch off and stop being hyper about productivity, competitiveness & being obsessed about work. In the end, giving myself permission to let go, made all the difference.

So the next time you get burnt out or face a creative block, try this.
Do nothing.
And yeah — go with the flow.
You will be amazed with the results.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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