Memoirs Of A First Time Father — Week 15

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I have weird working hours as I work from home as a blogger, youtuber & online consultant. Most of my clients are free only after 1am in the night. So over the period of time I have developed a habit of sitting up late in the night — which anyways I enjoy.

However, this has resulted in me and my wife having totally different time-zones. When she wakes up, I go to sleep and when I wake up, it is time for her to go off to sleep. But we manage to live our separate lives in sync and we are happy.

But lately, both me and my wife have had to experience a new phenomenon — and that is my wife getting pregnant and me on the verge of becoming a father. Apart from the cute little exchanges we both have periodically — there something I have started to really notice — her bulging stomach.

In the past 15 weeks — my wifey who is literally thin, skinny and slim has grown this bulging tummy. I kind of reminds me of the Alien Franchise Sci-Fi Horror Movie where the tummy keeps getting bigger and bigger, until finally the alien comes out.

In fact, one of my lady friends on Facebook, who is a mother of 2 kids explained this phenomenon in these words “A woman having a baby is like having this Alien being growing inside your stomach.”

A very scary manner of describing the birth of a baby. And I listened to it and I just sat still.

Imagine that — an alien growing inside your body at an incredibly fast rate, everyday growing even more bigger than yesterday. And then getting so big, that you literally feel heavier, weaker and fed up. And then one fine day, either you have to go through excruciating pain or you have to get your body cut open to remove this Alien being.

I thought about it as I sat on my chair.
I gulped down thinking about it.
And then I got up from my chair, went into the bedroom and saw my wife sleeping nicely wrapped in the warm blanket.

I walked up to her, slide into the blanket next to her. And as always my wife, the minute she sees me close to her, she hugs me. But while in bed with her, she kind of wraps me in with her legs and her arms to hold me tight.

I kind of get afraid to respond simply because she is carrying the baby in her stomach. And being a First time father, I have no idea how to react other than to be gentle with her.

So I let her hug me, I just use my hangs to touch her head, her hair, her face, her nose and her ears. But I still cannot go around holding or touching the stomach. I don’t know if she understands this but she always does take my hand and place it on her stomach to tell me in her broken English “See baby.”

I smile but I am still very afraid.

Loy Machedo

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