Life Is Like A Highway…..

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YOU are driving a fast car
Driving it at top speed on the highway of life

Only problem is

  • YOU don’t know where you currently are
  • YOU have no idea where you are headed
  • YOU don’t know where you will reach


  • YOU are driving super fast every single day…
    On a super fast highway…

What do you think will happen to YOU when

  • when YOUR car finally breaks down, when
  • when YOU can no longer drive fast any more and when
  • when YOU finally have to park yourself on that one spot where you just landed and stay there until you die?

Sounds scary right?

Is this how you are living your life?

  • Driving down the highway of life
  • Not knowing where you are headed
  • Not knowing if the direction you are headed is the opposite of where you should be headed
  • Not knowing what speed you should be taking
  • Not knowing when you should reach your destination?

But you are STILL driving fast on the super highway of life confidently?

Where do you think you will end up?
WHEN do you think you will stop this & correct what is wrong?

Loy Machedo

Written by

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