Job Hunting Strategy For 2019

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If you are planning to hunt for a job or change employers in the 2019, well there are just 3 things you need to keep in mind.

  1. Hunting for a job is a job in itself
  2. While hunting for a job, your resources are of absolute essence
  3. When hunting for a job, its not what you know, its who you know.



When you get ready for a travel itinerary or a vacation, everything is well planned out in advance — the time, the place, the people to meet or travel with, the budgets, the trips, the attractions to visit and yes — the agenda. Everything is planned to the T.

Consider the amount of effort that goes into planning a birthday function, an anniversary or a party? In fact, ask yourself how much attention-to-detail goes into a marriage function?

Then shouldn’t something as critical & important as your career — take incredible precedence, planning and purpose?

A career, a job and a future in the corporate world which can determine ones ability to survive, thrive, sustain & grow for the years to come requires the same care, concern & caution of a important life changing moment.

Getting a job will by far be the most important step you would ever take.

So it is important to ensure you take that step wisely. And take it as a life-changing decision — one where you plan, prepare & purposefully act with care, caution and concern.

Be competitive.
Be obsessed.
Be smart.


Your biggest friend when you are searching for a job is TIME.
And your second biggest friend is MONEY.

If you have say 12 months worth of savings and if you have 12 months where you can take your time and choose a job and not be in a hurry to accept anything and everything that comes your path — don’t you think you would have less pressure to accept just about any job?

I was able to make smart choices in my life because of the options I had that worked in my favor.

However, when you are pressed for time and you are running out of fuel necessary for your survival — then it becomes a problem.


I have gone through the circus of employment selection where I tried my best to impress the interviewer with my knowledge of the product, the service, the market & the industry, only to be left with my head scratching as to why didn’t I get selected for the job?

Could it have been that one of the candidate was related to the General Manager? or was it the fact that the selection process was just a blanket process to keep under wraps that the interviewer and the board had already decided the right candidate because of the quotas they had to fill?

It is frustrating when this happen but one day you become part of this very same process — you realize a simple basic truth — life is not fair and its not going to be fair. So if you want to survive the industry — you might as well as play the game the way its supposed to be played right?

Having an insider who can share with you key strategic points of what is to be done, how much of what has to be done, to whom you have to do it with and why you should do whatever it is you must will improve your chances of getting employed.

How do I know this?
Well — I have been placing people in various companies for so many years. Guess having a good database of contacts & connections does help.

Trust me when I say this — when you are going to meet a decision maker and someone whom the decision maker calls him and informs him that he has to be nice with you — it goes a long way.

So planning to change your job in 2019?
Here you have a 3-point checklist.

Loy Machedo

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