Is A College Education Worth Pursuing?

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Argument Against Education

  • Nothing you study in college you will use in the real world
  • No one in the business world is going to ask you when did Hitler try to invade Russia
  • When networking with successful people, no one will ask you to produce a copy of your MBA to prove you are educated.
  • In fact, today there is no guarantee that you can even get a decent job if you are an MBA graduate.

So then why complete college?

Isn’t it better to dropout and go completely ‘wild-wild-west’?

Argument For Education

  • So many youngsters assume they are entrepreneurs without even having known what is entrepreneurship or having the experience — will all of them succeed being one? For the ones who don’t succeed — what is plan B?
  • What would you do if tomorrow there is a job offer for you in a MNC but as per their rules — you need to have an MBA? (happened to me)
  • If an university education was really of no use — why are millions of colleges around the world still have students enroll for the education? Why do millions of corporations still prefer an educated candidate over an uneducated candidate?

Further Confusion

I speak AGAINST Academic Education…. But here….

I speak FOR Academic Education.

So now SHOULD you or SHOULDN’T you Dropout of College?


  1. No one knows the future of any individual
  2. There is no guarantee you will succeed with an education
  3. There is no guarantee you will succeed without an education
  4. There is never a one-size fits all answer to everyone

So based on these factors, I can only tell you this much.

  1. Let’s assume two candidates — both who are not rich.
    If you have a proper education — say an MBA from a reputable & recognized college (preferably Ivy League University) your chances of migrating to another country, getting a job with an MNC or even getting visa on arrival or a Senior Level Employment Visa in most Middle East Countries becomes a lot more easier than if you were someone with a school completion certificate.
  2. Let’s assume two candidates — both who are young but applying for jobs.
    Today the basic requirement for even an entry level job with a MNC is a college degree. If two people with zero experience apply for a job — 9 out of 10 times — the person who has completed a college degree will be chosen over the one with no education
  3. And then finally…. the most important question which I ask almost all the youngsters who ask me — should I or shouldn’t I complete a college education….


If you do not have any skill or expertise where you can make guaranteed income every week after week, month after month and year after year — And most importantly if you do not have saving (read this 100 times) — you seriously should STOP thinking about dropping out of college.

Trust me when I say this — there is NOTHING romantic, brave or amazing dropping out of college. In fact, it shows lack of consistency, lack of discipline & lack of guidance if you drop of college WITHOUT a plan B.

Yes, it sounds VERY romantic to hear — I was a college dropout but today I am a billionaire. We hear about these inspirational stories and we remember them simply because they are an exception to the rule. They are NOT the rule. If you removed your blinders of cognitive dissonance, you would notice, for every 1 college dropout millionaire or billionaire — there are over millions of college dropout folks who are struggling to make ends meet. And in a world where everyone follows a bunch of rules — the man with a certificate will always get chosen over a man without one.


As I look at my baby girl, I ask myself — would I recommend her to go to college or would I ask her to dropout telling her college education is useless.

The fact of the matter is, I would tell her the truth.
College Education will not guarantee you success in life.
And not having a College Education will not guarantee you anything better.

So if you want to complete your college education — do so while working at the same time so that what you study and what you work will finally compliment each other and help you succeed in the real world.

On the other hand, if you plan to dropout — then you need to get out of the house and start working, living your own, paying your own bills and taking care of your own life. Simply because there is no such thing as ‘free lunch’.

When my daughter reaches her 20’s, I will be in my 60’s. And I am not going to dedicate my life feeding a fully grown adult who is capable of having a baby to be pampered by her old man.

No — my child will work, learn how to survive & sustain in the real world and develop not only the theory but also the practical skills to survive. Because in the end of the day — it wouldn’t matter even if you are a Ph.D or you read 10,000 books. What matters is how you apply what you know — practical knowledge and practical experience. And you can be rest assured — I will teach her just that — the reality of working with real life skills and making theory work in practical life.

So you want to complete your college or dropout — its a risk and a decision I want you to take by yourself. Because in the end — if your plan doesn’t work and what you expected fails — it will be your ass on the line. No one else’s.

Remember my friend, end of the day, lets keep it real.

Even with the USD $1,500,000 library of books, CD’s, DVD’s, MP3’s & downloads I have….. its the money I have in the bank that does the talking….not what Tai Lopez keeps saying…. “knaaaawledge”

Money talks.
End of story.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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