In 2019, Be Careful Of….

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  1. Believing in your own hype
  2. What you post online
  3. Investing in rubbish like Cryptocurrency because some idiot told you it would go up to 1 Bitcoin is $1,000,0000 (remember how many idiots predicted this?)
  4. Having a new lover & giving too much
  5. Making new year resolutions — they never work
  6. Buying stuff you will hardly or never use
  7. Impulse sales offers
  8. Yet another self-improvement book, seminar or course
  9. Taking your Personal Brand for granted
  10. Not spending with your loved ones
  11. Not giving enough time for yourself
  12. Not doing enough for your health
  13. Not asking for a Salary Increment
  14. Wasting your time being ‘busy’
  15. Not enjoying life
  16. Making a promise you cannot keep
  17. Procrastination
  18. Waiting for things to happen
  19. Looking & Gossiping on other peoples flaws but not looking internally

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