I Made A Million.….So Now What?

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When I started off with Quora, within a few months, I clocked in around millions of views, hundreds of thousands of followers & was close to being called the “Fastest Rising Star of Quora”

When I started off with Medium, within a few days, I got my article published in Business Insider UK ( http://uk.businessinsider.com/i-have-read-nearly-800-books-and-they-all-made-me-realize-something-2018-1 ). And I was seriously considering of branching out internationally as a writer.

When I started off as a Professional Speaker & Coach, within a few days, I got offered TED Talks to speak in front of a Global Audience. And before I knew it — I was on TEDx Dubai speaking in Dubai, UAE. Soon I started to make plans to take my Coaching Business to the next level.

When I started off as a Personal Brand, within a few weeks, I got Coca-Cola’s contract to star in their Viral Campaign on youtube (No Labels This Ramadan) and that made me a global star. I soon started making plans to audition for movies and see if I could break into Hollywood.

When I started my Personal Branding Coaching Business, within a few years, I clicked with a few big clients and before I knew it — I clocked in the elusive 1.3 million…And I started envisioning playing in the big leagues……


The Quora Story….
Thanks to trolls, haters & a fucked up moderation — I got banned from Quora.

The Medium Story….
After the 1st lucky break with Business insider, my viewers & views declined steadily. So I had to say goodbye to my international career as a writer.

The TED Talks Story…..
After speaking at TED — after all the applause, I got 3 big opportunities and things died out. I then realized speaking was a business that involved a lot of self-promotion, self-marketing & self-paid sessions.

The Personal Brand Story….
Everything was going great and I was constantly getting contracts for being featured as a Personal Brand until I left Dubai, UAE. Once that happened…. Goodbye to well paying contracts. In the forest of Koh Samui, Thailand, I suppose no one is interested in paying me 5 figures for advertising their brand.

The Personal Branding Coaching Business Story….
Ever heard of beginners luck? Well, that is what I went through. As the initial contacts, connections & customers died out — so did my high-ticket clients. And now that I moved to Koh Samui, Thailand — and moved my business online — earning 7-figures was a totally different ball game.


  • Life is so fucking unpredictable. Today’s blessing can become tomorrows curse.
  • Most probably your early success is a matter of luck
  • Consistency is the key
  • Life is a Marathon. Not a Sprint. Count success in the long term.
  • So you are successful today… do you know what will happen tomorrow?
    So then shut up, sit down, put your head down and continue working.
  • Life is fucking unpredictable. You can be at the top of the world today. Tomorrow — a nothing and nobody.

Loy Machedo

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