How To Get Your Life In Order

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I want you to look at your workstation right now.
Look at it carefully.
And then remove everything there is — from the top, the bottom, inside — just take it all out.
Take it all out and keep it all in one place.

First things first.
Clean your desk to the best of your ability.
Use the best possible cloth, best possible table cleaner, the best possible cleaning liquid, polish it really well and put your 100% into it.

Once this is done — stand back and observe your masterpiece.

Next, one by one choose what needs to be kept on your desk versus what shouldn’t be.
Only keep what is required and make sure it is kept in the right place.
If there are wires, make sure they are bound together neatly.
If there are a bunch of pens & pencils, put them in a small pencil jar.
If there are accessories — put them in a box.

If there are papers — go through each and every paper.
Only keep what is required.
In short make sure it is all stored perfectly.

Oh by the way, when you put all the stuff back — put them back in place only after cleaning them up PERFECTLY.
For instance — your keyboard — give it a complete super revamp clean; the monitor — make it shine; the desk lamp — ensure there is no dust at all any where on its frame…. In short — do a perfect job!

All this may take some time.
But be patient.
Do it well.
And once all this is done — take a moment to experience what you have done.

I can assure you this much.
If you got rid of everything you do not need, kept only what you do need, ensured everything was in perfect order and everything was perfectly clean — you will experience a strange sense & feeling of ‘newness’ — something that is hard to explain. But once it is done — it will make you realize how important it is to keep up this habit of Decluttering & Keeping tidy.

I do this every single month with my workstation — which includes even my iPhone, iPad, iMac and my books. I can tell you without a doubt — it is one of the best habits I have ever inculcated in my life.

Try it out and let me know what you experience doing it.

Here’s a secret clue:
Once you start doing this in one area of your life, you will do it in every area of your life — from your workstation, to your cupboard, to your house…and then this habit will spill over into your relationships, to your thoughts, to your behavior, to your personality and finally into your life. And one fine day, you will become exactly like your workstation — Clean, Tidy, In order & absolutely perfect. And this will enable you to control & cruise your life in the direction of your dreams.

Don’t just take my word on it.
Give it a shot.

Loy Machedo
Personal Branding Strategist
WhoIsLoyMachedo.Com | ThinkPersonalBranding.Com

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