How To Get The Golden Buzzer On Britain/America’s Got Talent

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Ensure the following steps:

  1. You walk up gingerly to the stage.
  2. You look very nervous
  3. You don’t dress the part
  4. You don’t look the part
  5. You don’t sound the part
  6. And when asked a question, you give a cliche answer like….
    - “I promised my dying mom” or
    - “My baby died of cancer” or
    - “Since childhood I was told I was a good for nothing”
    - “I dedicate this to my grandma who is watching me from there”
  7. Let the audience believe that you are an absolute underdog with a tear-jerking, lump-in-the-throat background story
  8. Then when the moment arises — break kayfabe — shock everyone with your actual performance but yeah — don’t discuss about the professional coaching & practice sessions you took to perfect the performance. (Shhh…..)
  9. After the performance, have some tears in your eyes to show it was difficult for you and that it was a moment of your life. Make it really emotional. More the tears — louder the applause.
  10. When the judges give you the nod, dedicate it to your mother, father, family or someone else and hug them.
  11. Audience gives you a fantastic applause — Be gracious and leave.
  12. Alternatively, if you cannot sing or dance — bring a cute dog, cute cat, well-rehearsed magic trick or a professional acrobatic session.

Contestants — please note:

  1. The audience loves a Underdog story. Make sure your story is something that gives the audience hope, creates compassion for you or has anything which will result in aggressive sharing on Social Media.
  2. Bring your Mother or Father and keep them in the audience for the ‘awwww’ moment and dedicate it to them
  3. Don’t discuss with anyone that you spoke to our producers and got specific instructions from our production team on what to do and what you were instructed to do. Make it look natural & spontaneous.
  4. Once your video comes out on Social Media — Tell all your friends on Social Media to share this story so that we can get billions of dollars of free advertisement FOR FREE through your social network.
  5. Finally, based on how profitable you are to us — we may decide to push you to the next round, get you a short-term contract or discuss financial plans which may benefit us both.

All the best!


Loy Machedo wonders…..

Funny isn’t it — after everything is done with — the applause, the golden buzzer, the final season, the winner…..we don’t hear from those people ever again?


However, as long as you — the viewers, are around giving such programs your shares, views & comments and there are plenty of hopeful people whose skills such programs can profit and make money from — there will always be another “*some-place* place has talent”

Loy Machedo

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