How To Expose Fakes Or Scammer From India

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Once upon a time, if you had asked a young child “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, you would get statements like “I want to be a doctor, or engineer, or astronaut.” I know this because I used these statements when I was a young boy. My relatives and my elders would laugh, tap my head and say “Sure, why not?”

Today’s kids however, its a different story.

Today, you don’t have to ask these youngsters the question “What do you want to be WHEN YOU GROW UP.” All you have to do is ask them “What do you do?” and you will receive responses like…..

  1. I’m am into Cryptocurrency
  2. I am an Entrepreneur
  3. I sell my services on Fiverr
  4. I am looking for investors for my new venture start up
  5. I am a Digital Marketer.
  6. I am a SEO Expert
  7. I am a Social Media Strategist
  8. I run an Events company
  9. I am a DJ

Once you hear them share this piece of information, I want you to do something really interesting……Ask them to have a video conversation with you on skype.

I am serious.

Ask them to have a video conversation on skype with you and observe what happens.

99% of the time, you will notice this…..

  1. A prepubescent little kid
  2. Living in a shanty, dilapidated house or the background would be some poor street corner
  3. The youngster would be speaking to you from his smart phone with earphone cords dangling from his ears
  4. You will observe a ceiling fan or table fan some pleace
  5. The young boy would be quivering but trying to exude confidence
  6. There would be ZERO and I mean ZERO maturity that would ooze from his statements
  7. The probability that you would hear his mother, father, brother or sister walking around would be very high

I know this because in the last 6 months, I have spoken to over 32 so called “Entrepreneurs” or “SEO Experts” or “Cryptocurrency Investors”. And in almost all cases, they have asked me for money to invest with them or pay them or book their services.

When they chatted with me and exchanged ideas, I literally thought I was speaking to a professional or someone with experience & expertise. The conversations looked pretty normal. However, the minute I had a video conversation — everything changed. I realized I was wasting my time. After all, how serious can take a person who needs to ensure that his Father & Mother are not in the room before he can have a conversation with you?

The problem in India is that today the internet is become cheap and affordable. And given this state of affair, every youngster who was a nothing, a nobody and a nuisance among his friends, has suddenly been given the platform and the opportunity to position himself as the next “Entrepreneur” or “Social Media Strategist” or “Cryptocurrency expert”. It doesn’t take much effort, hard-work or expertise to baptize yourself as one. In fact, what qualifications do you need to suddenly give yourself the impressive title for a company or identity that is virtual?

The more I speak to these youngsters in India, the more I realize this is become a fad, a saving grace and a new trend for these youngsters to feel ‘good’ about themselves.

In fact, how seriously can you take a bunch of youngsters who called themselves ‘entrepreneurs’ but who stay with their daddy & mummy because they are not earning or able to provide for themselves?

Now, I am not saying all of them are fakes or scammers. But “claiming” to be something you are not, something that you HOPE to become one day or what you assume you are IS NOT LEGIT!!! You are playing with peoples trust, with their money and with time. And this is not a joke.

I get absolutely infuriated when I get these youngster bombarding me with these emails, messages & requests — the majority of it which reads very professionally — simply because it is a copy/paste strategy from some place else.

I have lost the sense of respect to take these youngsters seriously. To me, now when I get any youngster who gives me these dummy titles, grandiose statements of excellence & fancy job descriptions — immediately I ask them to come and have a video conversation with me.

I can assure you this much — within seconds I will be able to evaluate whom the person is and what he is capable of. And in all probability, it will end up to be yet another small, immature little prepubescent kid giving me big stories but with very very very little substance.

Do yourself a favor — The next time you bump into a “I am a XYZ” from some country….. have a video conversation. What you see will be the reality of that person. The rest — just ignore it.

Loy Machedo

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