How To Become The World’s Best Public Speaker — Part 1

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Speaking at TEDx Dubai, UAE

I hailed from a Poor South-Indian Family, and I was blessed with a nice South-Indian accent. My English sucked, my mannerisms shocked people & my pronunciation — well, you would wonder which fruit was an “Abble” or what did I mean when I said “vater euu duink” (in other words “What are you doing”)

In School, my English Teacher himself had very high hopes for me when he told my parents during the parent-teacher meet that I should be admitted into a ‘mental hospital’ for my outstanding contributions to the class. He was absolutely frustrated with my grasp of the English Language.

So for Public Speaking — English Speaking wasn’t my ‘forte’ so to speak. In fact, the only time I did speak in public was when I was asked to say something about myself — and I ended up shivering so violently — that my teacher assumed I was possessed by some demonic being. And mercifully asked me to get back to my seat.

Even during my adult days, whenever I could pop by a Radio Station to audition for a slot as a Radio-Jockey — immediately after saying “Hello, myself Loy Machedo would like to apply for the position of Radio Jockey” was met by silence and then a sudden explosion of laughter. Unknown to me at that time, this is what others heard “Helo, maself Loyee Maceedu wudlakdo abbly forda posision of Radio Jokey”

So how did I move from there…. To winning 800 awards in Public Speaking — which included the Gold Medal in India, the Toastmasters Middle East Championship in Public Speaking, Becoming the Mentor of 64 World Champion Finalist and finally a Full-time Professional Mentor, Coach, and Trainer?

Here are a few techniques & strategies I have used, implemented, followed and taught my students where Public Speaking 101 was concerned.

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Let’s move on.


Many people like believe they are good at public speaking, while some others think they’re not good at public speaking and then there are those who have absolutely no idea if they are good or not good at public speaking. So which one is true?
Easy — Come face to face with reality.
And how do you do that?

Try this simple strategy:

  1. Take your laptop or Computer at home.
  2. Switch on the Camera to ‘record’
  3. Either sit or stand but at a comfortable distance
  4. Have a stop-watch ready next to you
  5. Speak for 10 minutes on the topic “An introduction to myself”
  6. Cover aspects like
    - When were you born & where,
    - about your family,
    - about your school life,
    - about your college life,
    - about work life,
    - about hobbies,
    - about your interests,
    - about what you like & do not like and
    - finally about something that you believe in.
  7. At the end of 10 minutes, switch off your video
  8. Now take a notebook and pen
  9. Sit down this time switch on the video of your performance
  10. First time round watch it for the whole 10 minutes just randomly
  11. Second time round watch it again but this writing down
    - A) all that you like about your delivery and
    - B) all that you do not like
  12. What it finally for the third time — 30 seconds a time and write down anything you missed your presentation.
  13. Last if not the least — Give yourself a Rating out of 100 (100 being the max). Say 100 is what you would give the world’s best orator or someone you truly admired — rate yourself to know where you stand.

Once you do this — you will know the 1st and most important step in Public Speaking that is knowing where you stand where Public Speaking is concerned. Once this factor ascertained, you will be ready to take the next step.

So what is the next step?

Let me know if you are interested in reading about it.

Based on your feedback — I will write the part 2 of this article.

Loy Machedo

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