How To Be A Successful Scammer & Make Billions

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Have a look at your Instagram or Facebook right now.

  • Incredible Holiday photographs in exotic locations
  • Amazing moments in Restaurants, parties & nightclubs
  • Beautiful images of them posing next to ultra attractive people

Immediately you ask yourself….
Why is my life so shitty while their life is so….nice?

In fact, the popular ones online are…
They look so happy.
They look so attractive
Their lives are so perfect.

But here’s the question
Is this reality?

And if this is reality —
Why isn’t it happening to you?
Why only them?

In fact, have you ever asked yourself
Why is it everything on Social Media
looks so amazing, so cool and so perfect…
But doesn’t happen in the real world?


  • No apps,
  • No filters
  • No 50 poses until you get the perfect shot
  • No second video takes
  • No effects to make you look attractive.

But more than that….
In the real world everyone knows…

  • How (ugly/fat/stupid) plain or ordinary you are.
  • There is nothing so great about you.
  • Know your reality

But in the virtual world — guess what….
No one does

In the virtual world — you can claim, share, photoshop anything!
And anything you share — is considered the truth.

And given that there is a sucker born every minute,
And there is no way to verify the truth…
Why not do what everyone is doing?

So now the question begets…

Why do people do that?

People select only

  • the best pictures,
  • the best updates
  • the best moments

And only after careful consideration, contemplation & comparison
They select the best of the best
And post it on Social Media

And why do people do that?

We want to show ourselves as

  • ‘larger than life’ or
  • ‘better than others’
  • ‘more hotter/attractive/sexier than other’

And why do we do that?

  • the likes,
  • the lavish praises and
  • the flattering comments from others.

But do you know the sad truth?

  • Comments,
  • Likes,
  • Lavish praises
  • Flattering comments

Are from Total strangers or people we hardly interact with in the real world.

And do you know the root cause of this behavior?

  • We want to nurture our low-self-esteem
  • We want an easy, quick & fast solution to fill our emptiness
  • We and feel good about ourselves

The truth is….

Think about it for a second….
Today there is this constant need for love, praise & attention
that too from strangers.

Is this normal?

Would you consider a behavior of constantly seeking praise, admiration, attention, compliments & communication from total strangers — day in and out — normal in the real world? That too showing your body, your butt, your breasts, your over-priced car, house, or toys to total strangers?

Why do you think today addiction to Social Media has been linked to Mental Sickness?

Today people do the following:

  • Make bold & tall claims about their success or wealth
  • Who post uber-spiritual, uber-philosophical or uber-intelligent posts

Such people, in reality, are not that successful, intelligent, happy or attractive in real life.

Want proof?

Check comedians, tv-personalities, artists, singers & film actors.

Let me give you a living example…

If you check her Facebook & Instagram page

  • She is really very attractive
  • Her photographs are super smoking hot
  • She is fair skinned, slim
  • And in almost all her pictures she is either at a shopping mall posing near luxury brands or expensive cars or nightclubs.

In fact, she has over 1000 men from Europe, US, UK & the Middle East continually drooling over her. Many of them even send her money & gifts.

The reality is….

  • She works at the local Bar near my house.
  • She must be earning around $10 a day.
  • She has a really dark complexion, she is over-weight & she has wrinkles on her face.

In other words — she is nothing to what she shows to be online.

So what seriously is the problem?

And in a world of billions of people who are addicted to staring at their phones, there will always be a sucker who will fall for such gimmicks — even if it doesn’t make sense at all.

Why do you think online (Quora, Facebook, Instagram) everyone is…

  • has an impressive & complex designation on Linkedin
  • Flashy CEO positions or a Millionaire Investor title on Quora
  • Is an SEO Expert, *insert category* Coach or has a 6-figure business on Facebook Business page?
  • Has the most amazing & impressive set of photographs on Instagram
  • has to show you that they have a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini on their youtube channel?
  • Lives such a fun life on Facebook?

Real Life Examples Of Stupidity…..

  • The next thing you know you get applauded by the feminist empowerment groups for your ‘courage’

You have a mental disorder and opt for a sex change.

  • You become a Time Person of the year, get you your own TV show and millions of dollars in endorsements.

You inject silicone in your breasts, buckets of fat in your ass, cosmetically alter your face, cheeks, nose, eyes, ears

  • You become the role model for so many youngsters

You show people a rented overpriced car, a rented overpriced house, few models & rented overpriced private jet — tell them that you earn 7-figure income and you will share this SECRET with them in 3,7, or 11 steps (always an odd number) for $43 or $17 or $67 dollars….

  • Next thing you know millions pay money for this course…..(yup…you will become a millionaire in exchange for $67, few videos & articles

And this is what actually people fall for.

Tell me — would anyone do this in the real world?


And how did some of them protest?

By burning their expensive NIKE shoes.

Here’s my question to you.

  1. No was watching
  2. If you couldn’t post it on social media?

Do you seriously think anyone would burn or destroy their expensive shoes if they were all alone and no one knew?

I doubt.


  • There is no publicity,
  • There are no likes,
  • There is no attention,
  • There are no comments,
  • There is no engagement
  • There is nothing.

So why bother?

This is reality….

  • their children,
  • their spouses and
  • their achievements

to their office colleagues, neighbors & relatives,

we have become a generation that today seeks the approval, the praise & the attention of total random unknown strangers.

We have stopped living in the real world but today enjoy spending time in the virtual world. Because in this virtual world — you can become anything you want, claiming anything you want to claim and make believe just about anything.

So which is better?

The bland, boring and bare reality which no one likes or which hardly anyone remains in anymore….


The glamorous, glitzy, great grand vision of the virtual world — that too which billions are addicted to?

The answer ….
I will post it on my Social Media account.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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