How Reading Books Destroyed My Life


I am going to tell you about an individual whom I personally know and this is how his “normal” schedule looked like…

    Listen to Garyvee’s podcast.
    Listening to Tim Ferris give yet another ‘hack’ on productivity
    Watching Tony Robbins video on youtube
    Listening to Blinkest with another book summary
    Listening to “Contagious by Jonah Berger”
    Reading ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’ by Ryan Holiday
    Continue listening to the Audio Book
    Listening to yet another audio book review on yet another youtube channel
    Listening to a motivational MP3 to that the subconscious mind would be influenced by positivity.

And guess what happened after listening to all these audio books, MP3’s, watching all these videos & reading all these reviews.


He ended up
- losing his job,
- losing his career,
- losing his family,
- losing his relationship,
- losing his legal status in the country of residence,
- ended up on the streets and
- finally tried to commit suicide.

How do I know all this?

Well — that guy… was me.

It was only when I landed on the streets with nothing, nobody and no one did I realize, reading any more books, listening to any more MP3’s or watching any more youtube videos wouldn’t do anything or make any difference to my life.

So the only solution was…..


Enough reading.
Start doing.

And that is where everything changed forever.

Today, if I am earning a 6-figure income living the life of my dreams, it is not because of any book, any podcast, any mp3, any youtube video or any motivational message. It is because I took charge of my life, I took personal responsibility, I TOOK ACTION.

I was once upon a time a ‘Self-Improvement Junkie’ whose addiction to the feel-good theory ended up with him landing on the streets with everything totally destroyed. Until I said — enough of this bullshit. Let’s do some fucking work.

Today I don’t need a book to tell me the “secrets” of success or “the X-steps to greatness” or another “something hack”. I just show action. Each and every single day — Action.

So when my wife tells me “I love you”
I tell her — prove it by doing work for the family.

If a stranger tells me — “Bro, I’m a big fan of yours”
I tell him “then prove it by showing how many times you forwarded or shared my content”

And if some tells me — “I will kill myself if you don’t help me”
I tell them “Show me and I will believe”

The fact of the matter is, I have reached a stage in my life where…..

Talk is Cheap

I do not need to read another book to tell me how to achieve millions or a Internet Marketer to tell me how he is earning a 6-figure income per month (some brag about per day) or yet another ‘youtube personality’ to give me another blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…. motivational drug. Doesn’t pay my bills, doesn’t increase my bank balance and doesn’t show measurable results that I can use for any purpose. If its just all about “feelings” — I might as well go for an “special” relaxing massage courtesy one of those massage parlors located near my house.

Today, at least where I am concerned — it all comes down to 3 things

Big Fucking Money.

To me that is the greatest motivational speech, the best MP3 and the greatest inspirational video I can ever watch — when I able to have big dollar signs in my bank account. Because with that wonderful little ‘thing’ — I can provide a better life for me, for my wife, for my baby and for our future.

So what would you rather do….
Read another motivational book for the next 12 months…
Or get off your arse and make some shit load of money?

And before you even think of answering that question….
Here’s a small clue…..

Reading a motivational book?
Working his ass off?

Reading a motivational book?
Working her ass off?

Reading a motivational book?
Working your ass off?

The answer would change the direction of your life….forever.

Loy Machedo

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