How My Tiny Chihuahua Saved My Baby’s Life…And How I In Turn Saved Hers…..

The other day my wifey just walked up to me.I was in my room, sitting in front of my iMac doing work and I knew what was going to happen next.

She would show me her pregnant stomach, which was 5 month old now and had swollen to the size of a watermelon, and then ask me with her innocent voice “Kiss Baby”.

This was her way of feeling nice.
This was her way of letting our little baby that I loved her.
This was her way of being happy.

And I would happily oblige to this childlike request.

So as my wifey walked in and stood in front of me, instead of her normal, chirpy and happy tone where she would excitedly & happy ask me “kiss baby” — she let out a sad quivering voice “baby not jump”.

Immediately, I was taken aback.

I looked at her.
She had a look of concern in her eyes.
She was worried.
She took my hands and placed it where the baby was supposed to be sleeping inside her and womb and let me know once again ‘Baby not jump’

I didn’t want her to worry, so with love and affection, I told her, “Baby sleep now. That’s why baby not jump. When you tired, you sleep. Baby tired, so baby sleep.”

She nodded her head as if to agree but I knew she wasn’t convinced with my reply. And I couldn’t blame her for being worried because just a few days ago, a friend of hers who was also pregnant, had informed all her friends on Social Media that she had a miscarriage. There was a picture of her stomach that bore a fresh scar were the doctor had cut her womb open to take out the dead baby from her body.

The image of this woman’s womb was fresh on my mind. I was pretty sure my wife was thinking of the same.

However, I did’t want my wifey to get worried, so I playfully told her “This our baby. And our baby sometime lazy like us. Baby now sleeping. So we don’t disturb baby today. Okay?”

I smiled and gave her oversized tummy a gentle hug and a kiss.
She gave me a half broken, half sad smile.

So as I gave her the hug, I told her “My friend who is doctor for baby said, Sometimes when baby tired and sleeping, you should also take rest.” To which, my wifey then asked me if she could sleep in my room — the room where I do my work.

I let her know it was absolutely okay.

Just for you to know….

  • My ‘office’ is a private room in my villa where I create all my articles, videos & have my official video meetings with clients around the world.
  • Given that we live in a forest and we (at least I) do not socialize, my wifey’s entire world revolves around me. So she likes to be wherever I am. Which is why, it is not uncommon for her to ignore all the other areas of the house and just sit, sleep or stay around me. And then when you factor in that I have 3 dogs who love to be with her — I guess my office technically becomes less of an office and more of a family room in a family villa. (Welcome to married life).

So as my wifey lay down to sleep with the doggies, I quickly googled online to find out what could the possible reason be for the 5 month old baby not jumping or moving in the womb. I also reached out to a couple of my married women friends — most of whom were mothers to 2 or 3 kids — whom I believed would have more insight into this matter.

I got mixed answers.
Some of them told me it was normal for the baby not to jump or move in the womb for a day or two. The others told me it wasn’t normal and I should consult a doctor. One even told me that she never felt her baby move at all until the 8th month.

So I decided to take the middle ground — I would wait for 24 hours. And if after that there was no response, then I would take my wifey to the doctor.

At the moment however, I knew I needed to calm her down. And I wondered how could I do this without getting her to feel more sad or more depressed. And it was then I saw my small female Chihuahua doggie walk in.

Now her name is Shoo Shee. This black and white Chihuahua of mine was also pregnant ballooning up to nearly twice her size. And she had this really weird habit where she would sleep near the pregnant tummy of my wife. It was as if she could sense the baby. No sooner I saw her, an idea struck me. I told my wifey, “Baby, doggie can feel baby and baby know when doggie sleep near your stomach. Baby and doggie heart beat together. They can feel heart beat. If doggie sleep near baby, baby will be okay.”

I know this may sound strange but my wifey gloomy face brightened up with a soft happy smile. As my wifey lay on one side, I went picked up Shoo Shee — my pregnant Chihuahua.

Shoo Shee looked at me
Titled her head.
Wagged her tail excitedly
Looked at my wifey.
Wagged her tail excitely
Then looked at me again.

As we looked at each other.
We didn’t say much.
But we understood each other.

Shoo Shee walked up to her and as always snuggled up near my wifey’s swollen tummy laying its head on her stomach. It was as though Shoo Shee my Chihuahua could sense the baby.

How my doggie always sleeps with my wife — on her tummy.

My wifey stroked the little Chihuahua and then after sometime both of them went off to sleep.

I looked at both of them and was glad they slept off.
Because now, I was worried.
Just that I couldn’t show my wifey that.

So I continued doing my work for another few hours while constantly receiving messages from well-wishers about my wifey’s condition, as my wifey lay sleeping with the Chihuahua next to her tummy.

Some where around 2:30am, when I started to feel sleepy, I woke up my wifey, placed the Chihuahua in her bed and we went to the bedroom to sleep.

I woke up at around 3:23am.
I couldn’t sleep.
Immediately my thoughts went to my wifey and the baby.
Was the baby moving?
Was the baby okay?
Should I wake up my wifey and ask?

I decided not to disturb my wifey.
Instead, I looked around my little Chihuahua.
I picked up Shoo Shee gently, took her to where my wifey was sleeping and placed her near my wifey.

Shoo Shee looked at me.
Tilted her head
Wagged her tail excitedly
She looked at my wifey.
Wagged her tail excitedly
Then she looked at me.

As we looked at each other.
We didn’t say much.
But we understood each other.

So she walked up to my sleeping wifey, cuddled up and lay down near my wifey’s tummy. And looking at both the ladies sleeping next to each other, I tip-toed out of the room back to my office room.

At around 6:45am, my wifey woke up and called my name.

As soon as I heard her wake up, I walked into the bedroom, I lay down on the bed beside her and Shoo Shee and then placing my hand on her oversized tummy, I asked her “Baby okay? Baby jump?” to which my wifey half sleepy responded “Baby jump. But baby jump big big jump. That’s why I wake up.”

I gently stroked my wifey’s oversized tummy and told her “See, baby now wake up. Now you sleep for sometime. Then you can get up.”

I gave my wifey a kiss.
I gave her oversized belly a kiss.
I also gave my little pregnant Chihuahua — well not a kiss but a gentle belly scratch.

My doggie Shoo Shoo, once again closed her eyes as she enjoyed me giving her a slow, gentle belly scratch. After all, who else would do it for her if not me?

I looked at both my pregnant wifey and my pregnant Chihuahua with a sigh of relief and smiled.

Without saying anything, without stating any words, without doing anything — other than sleeping next to wife’s tummy and being able to sense the beating heart of a unborn child — my little 3 kgs Chihuahua Shoo Shee took care of our problem and gave us the relief we so badly needed.

I was grateful to Shoo Shee. And yeah, I rewarded her with a nice little juicy snack. And a 3 minute gentle belly massage.

A few days later, Shoo Shee gave underwent a very painful, very severe & very complicated pregnancy where she was unable to deliver her baby. As she was giving birth — the baby hung half outside her vagina for nearly 30 minutes. I waited for her to do it by herself. But when I saw her limping around unable to do so — I realized I had to help her.

Shoo Shee In Pain

I put on a pair of gloves, asked my wifey to be there to assist me and we started to help her out.

One by one the babies had to be physically pulled out of her vagina. And with every baby I had to even physically pull out the placenta from her vagina. I had to be careful because if the cord that connected the baby to the placenta broke — with the baby outside the stomach and the placenta inside — Shoo Shee would surely die.

As I was helping Shoo Shee, I asked my wifey to go and get the Vet as she wasn’t able to handle the fleshy baby dangling dripping with blood & green liquid from the body. So I asked her to drive in the rainy night on a scooter and get the doctor while I continued doing whatever I could to help the poor animal.

Finally, we managed to get the vet home. And then after another 4 agonizing hours the whole ordeal was done with.

Shoo Shee delivered 3 small babies and she was out of danger.

The agonizing 6 hours of giving birth

As our little Chihuahua lay down on her bed weak me and wifey went to the bedroom, I gave my Chihuahua one last look.

Our eyes met
We looked at each other.
Her 3 babies sucked her breasts whimpering
I petted her head gently as she closed her eyes

She was really weak.
Absolutely exhausted.
She wagged her tail a bit

And in that moment of silence
I moved my fingers through her sleepy head

Once again…
We didn’t say much.
We simply understood each other.

Loy Machedo

Oh… and as a bonus… here is the picture of all of them….

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