How My Biggest Drawbacks Became My Biggest Money Making Strengths!

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I was not born talented.
In fact, the only inborn talent I had was considered my curse as the only thing I was good at was:

  1. Seeking attention
  2. Talking too much
  3. Being too restless
  4. Asking too many questions
  5. Feeling insecure.

So you can understand when I say that I didn’t have a lot going for me. In fact, listening to my parents & relatives tell me ‘What a mistake I was’ or that ‘I should have never been born’ was a common place.

However, at some point I realized I couldn’t change myself.
I tried.
But I failed miserably.

I TRIED being studious — I failed.
I TRIED being silent & talking less — I failed.
I TRIED not seeking attention — I failed.
I TRIED focusing on one task at a time — I failed.
I TRIED not caring a dam — I failed.

It was as if a zebra was trying to change his stripes.

Until one day, I said to myself — alright, since I cannot change, I might as well keep away from others who don’t like me. Sadly, it turned out to be everyone — My parents, my relatives, my friends, my church buddies, my school mates — everyone.

So now, I was alone.

And then, once I was alone, I sought to find who would accept me. I quickly found out, it wasn’t easy. But as I tried and failed, tried and failed — eventually I got one person — a misfit like me. Someone weird & different. Well — at least someone than no one.
And then out of the blue, another one came along…. and then another one came along. Until finally I had a group of weird & strange people like myself.

And this went on for sometime.

Until one day, priorities took over, people who were my friends slowly started vanishing from my life and once again, I found myself all alone. And then I wondered — well, now what?

And this was the time when I went through the worst crisis of my life and where there were only two options to choose from — Sink & die or Swim & Survive. And because I choose to swim and survive I realized, this is all I was. I wasn’t going to be anyone else. I was and I could only be ME, even if ME = talkative, irritating, self-centered, self-obsessed, obnoxious, weird, not-likable, proud….. the list kept going on. And so I decided — since this is all I could be — well, why not flaunt it? be proud about it? show it? accept it? and be the best at it?

It was more like — if I am an asshole and cannot change my “assholeness” why not be the best asshole in the world (that is without hurting or harming anyone?). And thus began the final chapter in my life — not only accepting myself as ME but being proud of who I was. Not TYRING to be humble. Not TRYING to be nice. Not TRYING to be something or someone else. But being ME as I am. And whats more — being proud of what I really was.

Since I couldn’t keep everyone happy all the while — at least I could myself happy always?

Today, I have a very very very small circle of people who love me, whom I trust and whom I get along with. And they get along with me. What I realized is that it didn’t matter how big my circle was. What mattered was how close the few people who really meant to me were. And today I am not just happy, I am very happy.

I have a wife who truly loves me and adores me.
I have a few clients who totally trust me and give me business.
I have a few friends whom I know I can depend on.

What more does a person need?

Oh and by the way — the drawbacks of my personality which my parents & relatives called ‘The Mistake’ or ‘The Curse’ — guess what happened……

Lead me to be successfully noticed both for TEDx, Coca-Cola & standing out from my competition in my career

Lead me to win more than 800 awards in Public Speaking & having a career as a Professional Speaker & Trainer

Lead me to be create my own rules for my own life and have my own business — especially since I couldn’t fit in the rules of the world!

Lead me to seek out world class mentors that reshaped my career, my life and my success

Lead me to change, evolve and grow thousand times over — which led me to the $500,000 library I have today!


  1. You can never change your core character. Learn to BE YOUrself (read again)
  2. Accept what you cannot change about you — which are the good, bad and ugly bits about you
  3. Instead of trying to change yourself for the world, find a few who find you perfect as you are.
  4. Discover ways to make your lemons (drawbacks) into your lemonade (strengths)
  5. One life my dear — whom would you rather live it for? YOURSELF or Others?

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