How I Earn More By Working Less — The ZONE Secret

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I work a total of 3 to 5 days a month. And with these few days (or hours) of work — I earn enough to pay my bills and take care of my family for the whole month.

Its more like being an artist.
I use my creativity to customize my work and people pay me top dollar for it.

Now, please do not mistake me to be bragging about my Lamborghini in my Garage.

No because:

  1. I don’t have a garage
  2. I have a small second hand scooter
  3. I’m just a simple guy who makes a decent living while being paid to do what he loves to do. And people literally pay me just to talk to me.

Sounds simple right?

Well — yes & no.

No because if I was just talking for the sake of talking — I would have to be a Jake Paul or a pewdiepie lucky to earn million per video.

But yes because if you are a talk-show host, entertainer, comedian, speaker or trainer you can earn that kind of money (provided you are in the top 10% of the lot — but that is another story itself)

Now, I am an Industry Expert where Personal Branding is concerned and that is why people pay me money to talk to me and yes, guide them.

However, in order to do this — I need to be constantly creative:

  • Creative in the services I offer.
  • Creative in the solution I propose.
  • Creative in how I do things.

And the creativity I provide cannot just be creativity for the sake of creativity. It has to satisfy my customer 100%.

And this in turn is not a one time activity.

Given that today google is easily available, everyone has access to the same content I have and anyone can do whatever it is I am doing — I have to keep improving the process, keep reinventing myself & keep getting better — so as to not only keep my competitors or copycats at bay — But I can provide something people cannot get any place else or from anyone else. After all — why would you pay someone to hear something you heard or could read online?

So how do I do this?

The answer — I ensure I am in the ZONE

What is the ZONE?

It is an environment where you are at your peak state, it is the optimal physical, mental & emotional level at which everything you do feels effortless, and it is a moment in time when you can literally accomplish any task.

How do you get into the ZONE?

Different people have different ways of getting into the zone.
Some people listen to music.
Some people like to be left alone.
Some smoke weed (I have interacted with a few who do this)
Some eat/drink particular food items to get into the zone.
Different people have different methods.
However, I can share with you a few techniques I have used to get into the zone.

What do I do to get into the ZONE?

    It always starts with me writing in my black book of ideas where I write down specifically what I am supposed to do or achieve or complete the following day.
    Once this is done — I ensure everything I need pertaining to that task is present in front of me. And everything & anything not pertaining to the task is removed from my sight. And this house-keeping is done in my room.
    Once this part is done — I inform my wifey about the upcoming project and request her to ensure that I have her 100% support to ensure I succeed in achieving that task. She ensures everything I need is provided to help me achieve the task.
    The room I am talking about here is the room dedicated in my house as THE CREATIVE ZONE. No one comes into that room without my explicit permission. It is customized to what I love it to be. In this room the best of what stimulates me, inspires me, motivates me or drives me is in this room. Everything in this room is what I want it to be. If I wish someone should come into the room — I let them know. Otherwise — no one enters the room.
    The room is absolutely silent. The temperature & feel of the room is exactly how I want it to be. And I can customize & change anything I want. For instance — if I want to hear a particular music or I want to get away from external noise (happens as a family man), I have state-of-the-art headphones to help me with this
    Once inside — I never like to leave. So I ensure there are refreshments inside.
    My favorite drinks — Black Espresso is always at hand. And if I need a surge — ice cold Red Bull is always around
    My favorite snack — to make me munch on — peanuts, almonds or dried coconut is always there. And sometimes I also love fresh dried & thai barbecued squid — which is prepared by my wifey. It has a very dry rubbery chewy yet salted texture which I love (I know…strange)
    The set up of my workstation is what I love the most — My 27" iMac sits in front of my eyes, on the left and right are 2 iPads with creative online games which keep my distraction focused on them. And below the iMac lies my 2nd iPhone — the contact details which only my VIP clients have in case they have to get in touch with me — after all money talks and that is always 1st priority. The only exception to this rule is — If in case I am doing something of urgency or utmost importance or a high priority task — then the iPads & all other devices switch off — only the iMac is on.
    Inside my room, I even have relaxing long chair with a pillow. In case I feel the need to sleep or lie down — I do so in the room. The chain of thought & the involvement in my project doesn’t get a break.
    And finally, even though I am surrounded by technology, I have on my wall a notice board where I can stick any ideas, thoughts, pictures and notes. I do not know why but the good-old-fashion physical presence of what I am thinking still stimulates me more than having a post put on a virtual platform.

This format & method of working has served pretty well all these years. I’m not saying this should be the method that you must try. However, what I am saying is that this is what has helped me get into the ZONE of productivity, creativity & peak performance. And this in turn has helped me improve my qualitative output & hence enable me to work less while earning more.

Yes, there are some people who don’t mind the environment, the ambience, the noise or the people around them when they work. In fact, there are many who don’t mind working unending hours while earning the same pay. But if you are someone like me who wants to be an Industry Leader, the best in the business & someone who wants to keep earning more for less hours of work — then you need to get into the ZONE.

Remember — your contribution & output is the sum total of many factors. And the biggest one is the environment you operate in. If you customize this to your benefit you too will experience the phenomenon of Earning More while working Lesser Hours.

Try it and let me know the results.
I’m pretty sure I know what the answer will be.
Including the long term results.

Loy Machedo
Personal Branding Strategist
WhoIsLoyMachedo.Com | ThinkPersonalBranding.Com

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