How Do You Know You Are NOT A Pig?

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Koh Samui, Thailand.


Me and my wife standing in the crowded morning market — A place where all the vendors display their goods with one goal — to sell fast & furiously.

Everyone’s hollering, howling & haggling to get a good bargain.

Lots of noise.
Lots of commotion.
Lots of activity.

We look around to see what good deals we can get.

As we shop around, I notice something unusual.

A man standing on top of a platform with a massive pig next to him.

The animal must be around 200kgs.

It is a very big animal indeed.

He has taken pain to ensure the pig looks attractive.
The pig looks like a star.
The pig looks like the main attraction.

I look at the pig — even the pig has an aura about itself.
A kind of proud look with its snout in the air.
Loving the attention & the fan-fare

As the pig stands there basking in the glory a tons of fruits are being dumped in front of her. And she enjoys the buffet.

I ask my Thai wife — what the hell is going on?

She replies, “Who want pig, shout most money, get pig”

I see the eager crowd nudging each other to get the best bid.
Everyone is shouting an amount.
There is lot of commotion.
I see the eager seller eagerly pushing for a higher bid.

I look at the pig.
The pig is enjoying the attention alright.
I look at the pig
The pig looks at me and smirks

My wife tugs my shirt and lets me know we should be getting home.

I get on my scooter and me my wife drive home.

I reach home, sit in front of my iMac and then a thought hits me — Did that pig have any idea it was going to die?

I mean seriously, did it?

I imagined for a minute I was the pig standing on that stage basking in all the glory and attention, enjoy the unlimited supply of food and care.

Wouldn’t I love my life?
Wouldn’t I feel invincible? Incredible? Indispensable?
Wouldn’t I dream of bigger, better and bolder things to come?

I would look at my present (free food, attention, love & care),
Compare it to my past (free food, attention, love & care since childhood),
and then plan my future accordingly with such optimism (free food, attention, love & care for the rest of my life)

Don’t we as human beings do just that?

We look at our past,
compare it to our present
and then based on this data,
plan, prepare & predict the future.

Don’t we all do this?

Falling in love?
Getting married?
Taking up a new 3 year MBA?
Investing life savings and starting a new business?

I thought about the pig again.

The poor pig had no idea what was in store for him.

With a few hours, he would be decapitated, chopped into pieces & cooked for the pleasure of the new buyers. Even if you and I told the pig what was going to happen next, showed him pictures, videos & articles of what would happen next — I am 100% he wouldn’t believe me or you.

I mean why would he?
No pig would believe that the master who loved him so much, took care of him so well for so many years, fed him, pampered him, bathed him and gave him such an incredible life — was doing all this — only to kill him.

Tell me — which pig would?

But you and I know better right?

This is the reality of a Pigs life.

And in a strange way — this is also the reality of our lives.

We make decisions in the present
For a future we have no idea about
Based on the all the combined data of the past

We assume the successes of the past will replicate itself the future — thanks to our “proven track record”.

After all do you think if anyone told you on September 10th 2001, 2 planes will crash into the tallest towers in the world and the market will collapse — would have believed him?

If someone told you with evidence in January of 2008, do not invest in the housing market as it will crash — would have believed him?

If someone told you anything negative with evidence about your future, your newly wedded spouse, a new business venture or an action you were completed invested in — would you believe the person?

Isn’t this the story of the Pig repeating itself?

I want you to…..
Replace the pig life with your life,
Replace the pig’s master with your present situation
Replace the buyers for the pig with your new………..
And then ask yourself
How do I know for a fact — where I am headed is not going to be my undoing?

How do I know, I am not……A Pig?

Loy Machedo

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