How Do I Reset My Mind

Think for a minute
You woke up in the morning
Blitzed through an short intense exercise routine
Completed answering nature’s call
Finished your shower
Zoned in with your meditation
Had your ultra strong morning coffee
And then sat down in front of your workstation to start work
To do the REALLY important task
Where you need your mind to be super fresh, super alert & super ready
As your computer starts — you are ready to rock the world, change history, make a difference…..When suddenly — it happens
An important call from a worthwhile client
He needs your time, your opinion, your expertise and yes, needs your undivided attention.

All of a sudden all the mental preparation, all the focus, all the amazing, incredible and truly priceless elixir of high performance — is now being focused on your client.

You try to end it soon, but your client doesn’t want to let go.
He hangs on to your every word.
He wants more of your time.
He wants you to tell him why he believes in you, why he spends money on you and why he comes to you.
And you on the other hand, want him to spend more money on you, trust you even more and help you achieve your financial goals — after all MONEY IS THE NAME OF THE GAME — isn’t it?

So you continue the conversation, spend mind currency on him and intellectual energy solving his problems.

You walk up and down the house while speaking to him.
You give off weird gestures while trying to communicate your message to him
You make all those funny expressions with your face because you are so focused on what he is saying…..while your 3 dogs tilt their head to one side wondering what the alpha dog — you the leader of the pack is doing with this weird black object that you are talking to.

Finally, after 1… no sorry 2… oh no 2 hours and 37 minutes you finally hang up the phone.

You plonk yourself on a chair.
You throw your iPhone on the table.
You take a deep breath.
And you realize…you are exhausted.

Another espresso gets served.
You walk up to your work station.
You once again plonk yourself on the chair.
And now you are sitting there wondering…. now what?

Your brain is scrambled
Your mind is not working
You are mentally exhausted
And you want to work — but what do you do?

Well, if you have had one of them days where you were about to do something really important but experienced an interruption like this which ruined your morning (afternoon, evening or task) — well, you are not alone. Happens to us all.

So now what do you do?
What is the solution?
How can you reset your brain so that you can once again focus on your task and give your best to achieve impressive results?

This is what I do.

Given that I am one of those professionals who earns his livelihood using his creativity, logic, & mental skills — it is paramount for me to be at my A-game whenever I speak to a customer or client — after all, I charge a lot of money and I charge per hour. So I cannot give a substandard performance, now can I?

So here is the solution.

After the session or disturbance or distraction is done with, go into a quiet room. Make sure the room is totally quiet, without noise and preferably dark. If however, for whatever reason you cannot get a quiet room, the option would be to go to your car parked in the basement.

Once you are there, ensure your smart phone device is on airplane mode and there is no other device or person who will disturb you. It is important that you inform your partner or colleague or friend that you will need 15 minutes to 30 minutes of quiet time. I normally inform my wife that I have to meditate. Given that she has been with me now for a year — she knows that I need quiet time alone. So she makes sure even the dogs are kept tied up and in a place where they wouldn’t disturb me. And yes, she also ensures not to make any noise.

Once I am in my quiet zone, I ensure added layer of security to help me focus on being in the quiet zone — I use either my ear plugs OR I use relax melodies (its a free app with paid options if you need the extras) to ensure I do not get disturbed with the outside noise.

Now if you are using ear plugs — just make sure they are a comfortable fit that ensure absolutely no noise to disturb you. And if you are using Relax Melodies (or any other music based app), I highly recommend using any app that gives you either Binaural beats or Isochronic Tones (You can get them on youtube for free).

Once you have the kind of tune/song/tone you are looking for, set an alarm to wake up you either 15, 20 or 30 minutes later. In my case, its takes me a bit of time to get into the zone of meditation/relaxation as I have ADHD & a super hyperactive mind. So my minimum time is at least 15 minutes. You can choose a time that is right for you.

Once I am comfortable to sit or lie down with absolutely no disturbance (noise or distraction), I put on my smartphone (or plug in my ear plugs) and meditate.

Many people tend to have this problem especially people with ADHD (like me) where by your mind starts thinking even more when you decide to start meditating. And if you try to fight it — well, it gets worse. And if you try to ignore it, it comes back with even more thoughts. So what do you do?
Well, I ‘dance with the music’ so to speak. I don’t fight the thought, I don’t think about it, I just ‘let go’ and allow my mind to take me wherever it wants to go.

After the time period is over, when I wake up, I go in for a ice cold shower (optional but recommended), I drink my espresso and once again — I go back to my A-level task — as if I just woke up in the morning.


This strategy has truly helped me over the many years I have used it. And helped me deal with heavy duty customers, clients and situations.

And you would be surprised to know I have used this strategy many times during the day. For instance — today I used it nearly 3 times as I had 3 different interruptions before I could sit down and write this article. And it worked perfectly well.

Oh and finally word of advice — keep experimenting with the tunes you listen to or the place where you go to relax or even the time you feel you require to relax. As you keep doing it over and over again, you will find different & customized approaches that would work best for you. I am still constantly tweaking various factors to see what works and what doesn’t work. And that is how I am able to squeeze out more productive results from myself with limited amounts of work & time.

For those of you who would like to watch a video where I address this strategy, here is the video link.

Hope this approach works for you.
Let me know your thoughts, comments & questions in the comments section below.

Loy Machedo



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