How Did I Get 10,000 Youtube Subscribers in 2–3 Months Without Ads

I am no PewDiePie who has 62 million subscribers and 17 Billion views. And yeah, a person who earns around $800,000 per month via youtube. Well — I am no PewDiePie. I am just an ordinary chap who makes videos for fun. This article is targetted towards beginners like me who are starting new and hope to pick up a few tips from youtube creators with experience.

I am not an expert or seasoned youtube creator. Nor do I have a production team or advertising budget.

I am just a normal guy who lives a simple life and who shares this thoughts via youtube.


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Every youtuber and youtube content creator wishes to have as many subscribers & views per video as possible. Its not about having an ego or wanting to show off. It is the very essence of being a performer, speaker, communicator or influencer online.

I started my Youtube channel 6 years ago without having a purpose, direction or concept about what Youtube was all about. I just looked at it as a platform where I could talk and record my conversations. The only audience I was looking to engage — was myself.

In fact, it was only after coming to Quora where I noticed that my youtube subscribers was growing. That too when a friend of mine who was actively following my channel send me a message to congratulate me about the slow but steady growth on my channel.

I looked at the numbers — 1,300 and I thought to myself….well, no idea what this is supposed to do for my channel. So I didn’t bother.

However, once after I got blocked & banned from Quora due to their pathetic policies & deplorable moderation team, I decided to focus on the youtube numbers. And that is where I started to use strategies & techniques to develop my channel.

So here are the tips, techniques & strategies I have used to bring my youtube subscriber base to 10,000 subscribers in 2 to 3 months.

The Tips, Tricks & Strategies I used to get 10,000 subscribers in 2 to 3 months

Here are the key pointers that I speak in this video.

  1. The Content should be worthwhile, relevant & timeless.
  2. The Title, the description & the tags have to match
  3. Keep the Thumbnail attractive visually.
  4. Speak on relevant topic that matters to your targeted audience
  5. Don’t try to fool youtube or google or your audience.
  6. I use Tubebuddy which is a paid service via youtube.

Watch the video if you are looking for more details. And yeah, if you have questions, do let me know.

Loy Machedo

PS — This is another way how I increase my subscribers.
By writing on other sites and guiding them to my youtube channel.

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