Gut-Feeling: When To Trust & Not To Trust

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I’m pretty sure you have had that feeling in the pit of your stomach where you wanted to do something. There were times when you trusted your gut feeling and it paid dividends. And then there are times when you must have acted on your gut feeling and regretted it immensely.

For instance, let me share with you the times both good and bad where I trusted my gut and well….either I benefitted from it or it really made me a price I wasn’t prepared to face.


    I reported to the Federal Authorities of the UAE about the Fake Degree Scam which my employer was into. Well it backfired horribly on me as the authorities did nothing. But my employer — well he did everything to destroy me.
    I trusted my supposedly going-to-be 4th wife with my money. And well, she ran away with it resulting it serious problems for me. (Happened last year)
    Imagine trusting your best friend with your entire business account because you ‘know-in-you-gut’ he will never cheat you. Well, I leave it to your imagination to decide what happened next.

However, there have been moments also where my gut-feeling has proved me right even though the odds were completely stacked against me and EVERYONE “knew” I was wrong:

    I doubt anyone in their right mind would have endorsed or supported me with my crazy decision to tattoo my whole body — including my face and head. And I can assure you that everyone and I mean EVERYONE let me know, my career, my future and my life was ‘destroyed’. 10 years since I embarked on that journey — I am doing fairly well. In fact, I am doing better than most. I have to thank my gut for this….
    Everything was fine for me in Dubai, UAE. In fact, I had no plans to ever leave Dubai. Suddenly, my gut feeling started acting funny and I let everyone know — I was leaving Dubai. EVERYONE told me I would regret leaving Dubai, UAE — the place that gave me my career, my business and resurrected my brand. However, looking at the data, the pattern and the upcoming financial storm, I packed up my bags and left Dubai, UAE for good. Its not easy when you have to say goodbye to a place you called home for 40 years of your life. However, in hindsight, this was without a doubt the best super-risky move I ever took.
    So I just got betrayed by a Thai woman whom I trusted. However, after that woman left me — immediately, I set out on the hunt to find the right bride. Many ridiculed me as being desperate, some even questioned by maturity. But almost everyone felt I was rushing into things. But I just knew it that if I didn’t give up on my search — I would find the right one. And within a month, in less than 3 seconds of bumping into her — I trusted my gut, proposed to the woman I ‘felt’ was the one — and volia! She is right now the mother of my baby!

So now — lets look at the score….

50% of the time I was right
50% of the time I was wrong

So should you trust or shouldn’t you trust your gut feeling?
In fact, the bigger question is WHEN should you listen to you gut feeling and WHEN SHOULD YOU IGNORE that feeling?

This is what I can tell you….

It is very hard to know when your gut feeling is right and it is equally hard to know when your gut feeling is wrong. However, if you decide to play safe and never take any risks — then that in itself will be the biggest mistake you can make.

The fact is, you will make mistakes in life. You will make wrong decisions. And you will take the wrong direction listening to your gut feeling. But the fact is simply this — you will NOT improve if you choose NOT to experiment and find out if you are right or wrong.

In my personal experience, the more you keep practicing, honing and listening to your gut, the more you will know when to trust it and when not to trust it, what risks to take and what risks not to take and what decisions to make versus what not to make. Because with these decisions, come the mistakes and with the mistakes come the experience and with the experience comes the evolution.

I can tell you one thing for sure — no matter how many mistakes I do make, no matter how many wrong decisions I do take and no matter how many errors I make, listening to my gut — I will not stop listening to my gut. After all, I doubt I would be where I am today had I parked my boat safely on the shores of security.

So the next time you have that tingling feeling in your gut….guess what should you be doing?

Loy Machedo

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