Freelancers Secret Client Checklist — My 15 Point Check List

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Loy Machedo’s Customers Never Forget Him

When my clients get in touch with me with the primary focus to increase their customer base, these are the 15 questions I sit down and discuss with them….

See if they help you.

  1. Who is your customer specifically?
  2. The majority of your customers — which country do they come from?
  3. Who gets in touch with you more — Males or Females?
  4. What age group?
  5. What is the average amount a customer spend with you or for your service/product?
  6. Why do they buy from you and not someone else SPECIFICALLY?
  7. How do the majority of your customers find you?
  8. How do you target the majority of your customers?
  9. In you wanted to increase your revenue by 20% every month — what would you have to do?
  10. What is your do-or-die target every month i.e. how many customers do you need to achieve this target?
  11. What is the minimum you can charge a customer?
  12. What is the maximum you can charge a customer?
  13. What can you do or say now that a customer will give you money asap?
  14. What is that something ‘extra’ you can start giving the customer which no one else can? (Avoid stating personalized experience)
  15. What are the things you don’t like to do but if you do, it will increase your bottomline?

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