Feminism — A Very Confusing Concept

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Now when I google the world ‘Feminism’, I get a meaning like “the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.”

I am okay with that.
Men are equal to Women.
We should respect both genders.

I am okay with that.

However, are men truly equal to women?
I mean seriously — are they?

Men are stronger thanks to greater Testosterone release in the body.

Women are more mature I suppose given that they have to endure more physical & mental pain — given their biological changes & challenges.

Women are more in touch with their emotions than men. At least that is what I would like to believe.

I suppose Men are more successful in this avenue simply because they are given more opportunities. And if you consider in a relationship — it is the woman who gives birth. So naturally, she is hospitalized and she has to take care of the baby. While the other partner — the man, works hard in the office. (I am speaking in terms of the majority). Its seldom or rarely that you would see a man stay at home and take care of the baby while the mother goes to office. Doesn’t make sense right?

So even though Men & Women are not necessarily ‘equal’ — I still believe that Men & Women must be given equal rights.

So what is confusing here?

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Screenshot from Daily Mail of a Topless Woman being groped

I saw a video on facebook shared by Mail Online of a woman walking in a music festival topless. And as she was walking, a guy ran from behind and groped her breast and ran. The woman ran behind him and then hit him.

Now, I am strictly against any woman being touched without her consent. I would never do that. But how appropriate is it for women to walk around topless that too in a public place?

Yes, yes — I get the “Free-The-Nipple” movement. But then, if so is the case, shouldn’t we allow our daughters, mothers and sisters also to walk around naked? Is it okay for me to teach my daughter right from childhood she shouldn’t wear a top since she is ‘equal’ to a man? Where do we draw the line?

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Woman Strips Down To Prove a Point

And then you have women stripping down publicly to show ‘courage’. I….er…. I really do not know what to say here. I mean seriously — what kind of courage are we talking about here? Courage to strip naked? And if you thought that wasn’t crazy enough…. Lets move to the climatic moment of the so called ‘feministic’ movement

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Woman runs marathon without tampon

Now I understand women have their mensural cycles. Fine. But do we need to kind of show it to everyone to “raise awareness”? I remember creating the video response to this incident

To be honest, I mean what is next?
Do we have to poop & piss just to prove a point?
Where do we draw the line?

Look, I am not at all against women being equal to men. Please go ahead and fight for those rights but there has to be line drawn somewhere. Showing yourself naked or letting mensural blood flow and for you to be proud about it doesn’t make any more sense than me showing myself defecating in my trousers to show I am man.

I do fully understand there are many challenges women face but there are ways to address these issues. Going about doing these crazy attention grabbing stunts only makes a mockery of an already sensitively misunderstood subject. And then it creates more chaos, confusion and careless hate.

I for one always have believed women are powerful, sometimes even more powerful than men are. However, they are at the same time feminine in nature and they have their place in the tree of life just as we have ours. And just as having a man change his gender because he wants to and impregnate himself through artificial means doesn’t come across as natural, in the same way, women doing these crazy gimmicks doesn’t have much value and substance in society.

I know there is no straight-forward answers to most of the problems in life. But please, ladies, just make life easier for all of us by doing what is considered acceptable by society — at least what has been considered acceptable since ages. And if in case being naked is what makes you feel you are equal to men — then at least give it time by ensuring that your children, the entire city and the entire country follows the standard rule for a couple of years so that eventually it becomes mainstream. However, until then, for old timers like me, please keep it normal. Because if something is not applicable for a child, your mother, your sister or a young girl, then for sure, it is not applicable for anyone else.

Men & Women are equal. But at the same — they are not.

Loy Machedo

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