Energy Management For Peak Performance?

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Think about it.

You have a scarce resource in your body right now — Energy.

You wake up in the morning and now the meter is running.
Within a few hours you will reach your peak.
And then the body will start burning the fuel.
Very soon you will be at full swing burning this fuel doing whatever it is you have to do.

Afternoon will set in.
You will top up your energy levels.
But given that your body is digesting fuel while it is still trying to power your body and your mind — you do not feel at the top of your game.

Evening sets in.
A cup of Coffee to keep you fresh and awake?
And then you go into overdrive.
You push your body once again.

Finally, the night sets in.
And now you are taking stock of the day and getting ready to sleep.
So that you can recharge your body completely.
And start the day all over again — tomorrow.

So how do you manage your energy?
Do you use your energy for the A-Level tasks?
OR do you start your day looking at Social Media, unwanted news, stupid email forwards, check likes, comments, energy training conversations & exchanges?

It is very important for you to know where you spend your energy.

This is what I do to ensure I use my scarce resource for what truly matters:

  • I always plan my day ahead 24 hours before.
  • Only what is required is kept in front of me
  • Rest everything is out of sight — remember — out-of-sight is out-of-mind
  • Immediately upon getting up — my routine — 1 exercise, 15-mins deep breathing, cold shower, black coffee & then work
  • 3 hours without disturbance focusing on my A-Level task
  • Finally — after 3 hours — when I take my break — now its time for anything else.

And that is how I manage to always achieve more than most.

Couple of do’s & don’ts.

  • No immediate sugar
  • Upon waking up — anything that can distract me — is removed out of sight
  • I always delete, clean & remove clutter (for my iMac — Clean My Mac & Daisy Disk do the work)
  • I wake up before my wife and baby wake up — at least 4 hours
  • Cleanliness is next to godliness — everything has to be clean & in order
  • There is a massive DO NOT DISTURB ME sign
  • Everything should be completed FAST. Delays is a problem.
  • I have a checklist and target list to help me complete my work fast.

So how do you manage your energy levels?
How do you manage your work?
How do you manage your targets?

Let me know.
Would love to hear it from you.

Loy Machedo

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