Dubai To Koh Samui — Why Did I Choose To Live Alone In A Forest Forever?

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I lived in Dubai, UAE for the 40 years. It was and still is the most happening city in the world. Dubai, simply never sleeps. It is awake and alive 24 hour a day — restaurants, supermarket outlets and hotels are open 24/7. And if that is not enough, you can stand near any highway, go to any beach, stand near any park and watch people stay busy in some activity or another — from exercising to having an open barbecue to sitting with their families late night to simply driving around in their over-priced luxury cars.

In Dubai, there is always something happening.

However, to everyone’s shock, in 2016, I moved from Dubai, UAE to the small little island of Koh Samui, Thailand. And I made sure that I choose a residence away from the city — right in a forest area where after 6pm, there is nothing but silence. The only noise you can hear is maybe of a few dogs, birds or the really elusive Geckos.

So how does my day begin?

  • I wake up.
  • I complete my morning routine.
  • I do my work online.
  • I focus on my online education.
  • I serve my online clients.
  • I eat food when hungry.
  • I go for a walk to the nearby 7/11 whenever I need anything.
  • In the evenings I go and purchase food — dinner and anything that is required for the house.
  • In the night I sleep.
  • Once a week, I go for shopping.

And you may not believe this but I have been doing this for the past 18 months. Seriously.

I haven’t gone out of my way to meet anyone.
Whenever possible, I have actually avoided meeting anyone.
And I love my privacy and loneliness.

The only change I have had in my life is getting married to a homely woman who gives me total privacy. And yes, 2 really cute Chiwawas who remain quiet most of the time — except of course when they are hungry.

So now the question is WHY did I choose this life? From being a guy who loved the limelight, being the center of attention, being the person who always wanted to be famous and well known — why have I chosen to be a recluse?

What people don’t seem to understand is the benefit and the power that comes from being alone. So what exactly are the benefits?

    You get time to think and reflect. And being alone helps you achieve this. Can you think of a time when you were able to think and reflect in peace?
    The silence is powerful. And more than anything else — today we need silence and privacy. Do you see that happening in your life?
    When there is no noise, when there are no distractions, then and only then can you listen to yourself think. And that is where great ideas come to you. When was the last time thing happened to you?
    Being surrounded by people is truly taxing and difficult. I do not know about you but it zaps me out of my energy. Listening to them, understanding them, trying to sync out of my system into theirs. I don’t know why but after interacting with a person for a few minutes — its takes me hours to get back into my zone. Now I have all this energy to myself
  5. TIME
    The amount of time that used to go into dressing up, traveling, wasting time in traffic, meeting customers, then driving all the way back, then dressing down and finally being able to sit down to do my work is no longer existent. Today, I wake up, walk into my room, and violia! I am there! Time being a priceless resource is very important to me.
    I don’t know about you but I can only learn, study and develop myself when there is silence, when I am alone and when the place I am residing in — is peaceful. And given that I have an amazing library of books & educational material that I have carried with for years and years — I am constantly immersing myself into this world of learning and growing. Being alone gives me this luxury.
    It is one thing to have great ideas come to you. And it is totally something else to implement those ideas. The fact that I live alone and I can be alone always ensures I can constantly apply, test and experiment new ideas and see what the results are. It is more like my own creative lab where all these experiments are performed, results are analyzed and amazingly new products and services are created.

Don’t get me wrong, maybe the life you have right now allows you the luxury to do all this right where you are. I see this from the people who post nice pictures on Facebook & instagram — a nice pool side shot, with the person lying in the sun, with someone serving them margaritas, while another person in his bathrobes sitting and typing ideas out on his Apple Mac Book Pro.

If you have the money and the resources — why not? I’m sure there is nothing like taking a one week off to the Bahamas to a nice resort where no one disturbs you.

However, I am not fortunate enough to be a millionaire who can do that every single day. So that is why a few years ago, I created and crafted a life that I could engineer where this life of being alone could become a possibility. And that is where I am today.

Trust me when I say this — I would never want to give up this life even for millions of dollars.


Because once you experience this freedom, this silence, this interaction with nature, and this luxury of being in a world that is no longer Fast & Furious — just making more and more money becomes a secondary issue.

Given that its 11:40am, Thursday, 15th February 2018, right now, I guess now is a good time for me to sleep and relax. After all, having flexible hours, creative control and being my own boss is also not a bad incentive of living and staying alone now……isn’t it?

Loy Machedo

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