Is A Narcissist Aware He Is A Narcissist?

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I was asked by a youngster this question
“Does A Narcissist Aware He Is A Narcissist”

And this is what I told him…

  • Does a humble person know he is humble?
  • Does an asshole know he is an asshole?
  • Does a slut know she is a slut?
  • Does an idiot know he is an idiot?
  • Does someone immature know he is immature?

In most cases, people are intelligent enough to know if they are bad, good, smart, dumb or fake. However, the question is — do they want to face the truth of their reality?

You need a level of self-awareness & self-management for this.
Only then the individual will know the answers to this question and act upon the answer.

Loy Machedo

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