Do You Want To Discover The Real You?

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7 years ago, when I embarked on my journey to Rebrand, Revamp & Rediscover my life, I knew I couldn’t achieve any success unless and until I was able to ask and discover the answer to the question “Who am I?”

But the problem was, I already had so many tags & titles from my parents, from my relatives, from society, from religion, from my friends — it became impossible for me to discover who I really was.

So I realized if I had to discover who I really was, I had to get rid of a lot of pre-supposed definitions of myself. So I started by telling myself….

What if I wasn’t a Catholic Christian — then what would I be?
What if I wasn’t an Indian passport holder — then what would I be?
What if I wasn’t a god-fearing guy — then what would I be?
What if I wasn’t a male — then what would I be?

So I started peeling off all the layers one by one to dig deeper into who I really was. And after asking myself this question again and again and again and again…. “Who am I?”…. and answer “I am….” I finally was able to become what I am today.

And that is why I am very clear about my values, very clear about my brand, very clear about what I want and who I am.

Best part — it violated whatever society expected out of me, it disappointed many and it absolutely angered the ones closest to me. But guess what — this help me become what the real me.

So now do you want to rebrand, revamp & rediscover the real you?

Try doing the exercise yourself.
Ask yourself “Who am I?”
And then whatever answer you get, “I am a….” — Keep writing it down. And do not stop until you are absolutely exhausted with all the titles, definitions & identities the world has given you. Once you get exhausted with all those names, titles & identifications — then create your own in a new blank slate.

I did that many years ago.
And that is why today I am who I am.
If you do it properly, I can assure you one thing — you will be NOTHING like what you are today. Absolutely nothing. You will become a totally different version of what you are. Because what you will become is what you are supposed to be. Nothing what others want you to be. And that my friend is real freedom.

So once again, I ask you “Who are you?”
Or rather why don’t you ask yourself “Who am I?”

Discover the answer.
And let the real journey begin.
The journey of being THE REAL YOU.

Loy Machedo

Written by

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