Discover The Dark Side To Your Personal Brand

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When I work with my clients, I take them to the dark side — a place where they avoid going but must go in order to achieve transformation and embrace greatness.

Among the many questions here are the 10 random questions I sit down with my client, explore, enunciate & embrace during the process of creating a Personal Brand.

I would like you to go through them and see what you discover.

Remember — if you lie or just give incomplete answers or don’t take it seriously, you will lose the opportunity to discover something more about you & your Personal Brand.

I did this exercise and it changed my life forever.

  1. What are your personality drawbacks?
  2. What do people say behind your back?
  3. Why have you tried repeatedly to achieve but failed until now?
  4. If you had a magic spell that could eliminate 3 major drawbacks to your personality — what would they be?
  5. Whom do you consider better than you and why?
  6. What is your dark, sinister, evil, diabolical, demonic & dirty side or truth or fantasy that if you revealed to the world would destroy your reputation forever?
  7. Name a goal or dream that you know you want to achieve but you know you cannot achieve no matter how hard you try.
  8. Your biggest failure in life
  9. Your biggest regret in life
  10. 3 Reasons why you are not the best.

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