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My iMac:

  • I cleaned up everything on my desktop — everything and I mean everything.
  • I ran Daisy Disk to remove the big chunk of Final-Cut-Pro residual videos that my HDD stored.
  • I then ran Clean My Mac to remove all the unwanted programs & extra stuff slowing my iMac.
  • Then switched off my iMac & cleaned it up completely.

So now my iMac is faster.

My iPhone:

  • I deleted all images & pictures.
  • The ones I thought I needed — either I uploaded them on my social media or stored them else where.
  • Went through the apps I had downloaded but never used — removed them all.
  • Reset to factory settings
  • Cleaned up my iPhone.

So now my iPhone works brand new.

My Desk:

  • Kept only what I needed.
  • Rest everything else either was thrown out or kept in place.
  • Cleaned the place with alcohol & a nice fresh cloth.
  • Place looks brand new.

So now my desk looks amazing & new.

Emails & Messages:

  • Potential customers or clients who were taking me for a ride — deleted them all.
  • Ensured it was brought down to zero.

So now no pending tasks

I feel so much better already!

Loy Machedo

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