Confession: How I Cheat People Online To Make Money

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Not a very good thing to confess that too online, isn’t it?

In a day and age where whatever you post online remains forever, can be used against you and destroy your career, why am I posting this confession? Could it be just to give a ‘click-bait’ heading so that you click on my article and read it so that I get 10 more views than I normally get? Who knows, maybe earn $1 more for the coming year after all my views are tabulated?

Hear me out and then decide if this is primarily click-bait or a honest confession.

For those of you who know me, know that I post many updates, images & links online from my social media platform with the hashtag #loymachedo. I do this because I take ownership of what I post. However, in everything that I post — the news is always planned & carefully engineered to make sure it achieves my strategic objective.

  • Personal Branding
  • How incredible my life is
  • Success stories I have enjoyed with clients & business
  • Why I am highly sought after by clients & customers globally
  • Why I am the best in the business.
  • Very Personal or Professional, Financial, Physical, Emotional or Mental problems
  • Days when I am not feeling good or up to the mark
  • Problems related to my relationships
  • Issues & problems with my loved ones or friends
  • Client Information (You will NEVER know anything from me unless of course the client breaks the agreement)

In fact, the images I post on instagram, the videos I post on youtube and the posts I put on Facebook — are well edited, carefully scripted & yes, constantly improved upon.

To make you understand — let me share an example with you.

I uploaded this image on instagram.

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Anyone who saw this image must have assumed, ‘Oh how nice, he just took out his smartphone and clicked a picture’.

However, what no one knew was that for this ONE picture:

  • I had asked my wife to take 20 to 30 pictures of me standing or posing in one place.
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  • I had inspected all the images and only after inspecting all of them, I choose the best one
  • I then proceeded to edit the one picture using the filters & effects available
  • After the picture was carefully edited with effects, given the proper lighting, contrast, polish, hue, saturation, structure, warmth, shadows, fade, highlight, vignette & sharpness — then and only then I uploaded this one image online.
  • Once the picture was selected, I spent the next few minutes carefully choosing what hashtag was appropriate, what wordings were proper & what message I wanted to convey.
  • I then choose whom I wanted to tag for the particular picture
  • I also looked at my watch to see if it was the right time of the day as the majority of my targeted audience would be online by that time
  • Once this was done — then and only then I uploaded it on to instagram

And all this effort took me roughly around 15 to 20 minutes.

However, to the outside world, it looked like — wow, Loy Machedo randomly clicked one picture and posted it online — which was so perfect. Isn’t he a genius?

Isn’t this what most of us do?

Carefully curate images, posts & updates to show the world we are ‘very attractive human beings’ with ‘impeccable character’ & ‘flawless abilities’?

Think about it.

When you are meeting someone incredible & truly amazing, someone you truly admire and have a crush on — on a date for the 1st time — what do you do?
Dress how you normally dress?
Look how you normally look?
Behave how you normally behave?
Or be at your best behavior, your best looks while putting on the best YOU that you can possibly display to your potential target?

Ask yourself:

  • Why do you think most men position themselves as the most amazing, caring, loving, understanding and mature human being ever when you speak to them for the first time?
  • And most women put on the most seductive, sweet & sexy sides to them when they want you?


Think about the Interview Process

Do you think the potential candidate tells the employer the whole truth & nothing but the truth of why he is unemployed? Why he got terminated? or Why he is unable to get a job?

Do you think the employer tells the employee the fine-print of why not many people continue in that particular organization? How bad the politics is in the current organization? or the secret scandalous stories that they are trying to cover up?

In fact, look at anyone’s Resume and ask yourself if there is any place where the candidate has stated his drawbacks or flaws explicitly?

The reality of today’s world come down to one word and one word alone: Bullshit.

We all give each other Bullshit.
And do it NOT by telling lies but by withholding the truth — the real hardcore truth.

So allow me to ask you this question…..

  • Which politician you know will tell you the total & absolute truth?
  • Which government of which country is being transparent & honest?
  • Which billion dollar food company will tell you explicitly what harmful product they are putting into their food and serving the world?
  • Which business or businessman hasn’t resorted to any not-so-legal means or utitlized a loophole to make profit?
  • Is the Banking, Medical & Insurance sector looking out for your benefit or their own?

Then when everyone is playing dirty and being dirty….you want me to play good?

Inspirational & Motivational “Assets”

As I was browsing Facebook, I saw a famous model, actress & hostess post an image of her standing on a balcony top with a full landscape view from her balcony top, looking down at the city below. What made the picture stand out was that she stood there looking outside, while wearing a very sexy, very thin and nearly invisible lingerie with her ‘assets’ popping out and her hair being allowed to hang right up to her butt cheeks. I don’t think she was wearing a top but she made sure to leave it to the imagination of the viewer. And at the side of the photograph were these words with a hashtag #believeinyourself.

I looked at the comments & likes on the photograph. Within a few hours she had received more than 20,000 likes and over 9,000 comments, with words like “wow, you are so inspiring” or “you are so motivational”….

I sat there thinking to myself…..

  1. What has showing your ass got to do with #believeinyourself?
  2. What is the purpose of sexualizing yourself to the world and trying to cloak it with a moral lens?
  3. What was so ‘inspirational’ and ‘motivational’ about showing ones bare butt cheeks? Are the people who were admiring these images really that stupid?

In fact, let me ask you this — why wasn’t anyone being honest & upfront about what the image was trying to show and what she wanted people to see?

The Conclusion of Cognitive Dissonance

The reality of our world is simply this — Everyone — you and I included — is selective what they choose to believe, what they want to believe and what they feel is right or wrong. And that is where the justifiable excuses to validate what you and I choose to expose, to share and to tell the world comes in.

People are selective about what they post, what they upload and what they share online. Just as the images you want others to view about you are always perfect, just as all the updates you post are heart-warming, intelligent & thought-provoking and just as the messages you receive about other peoples lives are always inspirational — the truth is everyone on this planet plays games to achieve their agenda: Self Advertisement.

And mind you — everyone has an agenda. And the faster you accept this reality, the sooner you understand this concept and the quicker you start playing along these rules — the greater your chances of success will be.

I for one like to keep it real and by real, I do not mean being ‘nice’ or position myself as a ‘good guy’

I have always let people know explicitly all my sins — from the prostitutes I have had sex with, the women I slept with (without mentioning their identity), the skeletons in my closet to the times I have failed and cheated. My fans, friends and followers have seen it being displayed publicly. However, one thing I have no choice about — and that giving people the bullshit they like to see, listen and believe in.

And why do I choose to do this?

Because I too need to survive in the ecosystem where everyone plays by a particular set of rules. Just as when you play a game of European football, you cannot take a cricket bat or hockey stick and say “this is a better way to play the game. So I am going to use a hockey stick from today onwards”, in the same way, if I need to survive, I need to play along as well.

Trust me when I say this, when you get an idiot with $100,000 in excess and who is ready to blow it on anyone who gives him the bullshit he wants to hear — it will understand what I mean because if you choose to take the moral ground and be ‘honest’, the guy will take his excess money and give it to some other person who is ready to give him what he wants. And in a cut-throat competitive world that we live in, easy money & big money doesn’t come every day.

Let me state one thing here explicitly.

I do not want to be a role model, an inspiration or larger than life personality to anyone. And neither am I chasing for fame or billions of dollars.

Its neither my intention nor my dream.

But I have to sustain, survive and thrive in this ecosystem I belong to. And in order to do that, I have to play the game the way it has to be played.

Having been someone who nearly tried to commit suicide and who was jobless, penniless and homeless 6 years ago — I know the importance of this game.

  • You can call it politics.
  • You can call it today’s dirty world.
  • You can call it whatever you want.
  • But this is how the game has to be played.

And in a system where everyone does one thing, I doubt I want to create a moral revolution. Remember what happened to Edward Snowden & Julian Assange?

That is why I choose to bullshit, lie & play the game the way it has to be played. And I do it to sustain, survive and thrive in a world filled with mad, bad & crazy people.

So now……given that I have confessed this dark, dirty and demonic secret to you…….Do you still want me as your Mentor, Coach, Trainer & Personal Branding Strategist?

Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.
Because one things for a fact — I keep it real.

Loy Machedo


The Video if you are interested :)

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