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As a small boy when my parents would go to a shopping store, I would always run to the bookstore. I would run to my favorite book section, pick up a book I liked, show it to my parents and ask them to buy it for me.

But my step-father & mother would look at me and my request to buy a book…..and then tell me 2 words which became a part of my life forever….”no money”.

They would have money for food, for clothes, for going out, for themselves. But no money for a book. They would never say yes to my request to buy a book.

As I would hear the words “No money”, my heart would sink in. And I would stand in front of the book with my big black hopeful eyes, turn the pages and finally with a heavy heart put the book back.

This is how my childhood went where books were concerned.

Fast forward 30 years…….

Today when I walked into a shopping mall, my little baby Helen Machedo ran into a book store. I followed her and then without anyone knowing, she went to the kids section, looked around, and then picked up a familiar picture book.

She looked at the book for some time.

And then she walked up to me. looked at me with her big black beautiful eyes, and in her baby words let me know she wanted this book.

Suddenly in a flash, I remembered little Loy Machedo asking his step-father the book.

I could actually see little Loy asking his step-father for a book.

And then, I look at my little one showing me her new book.

As she looked at me with those Big Beautiful Black eyes, she smiled.

I carried her to the cash counter.

Asked the cashier for a few more books like the one she has selected

And we walked out of the store.

As my little baby girl kept staring at her new book, my past memories came back to me. Those unforgettable memories. The only difference was, this time I saw sad Little Loy Machedo…smile again… and get the book he finally wanted.

The incomplete circle of life…. was finally complete.

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